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10 Stills From NBC’s Grimm, 2×06 ‘Over My Dead Body’

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/22/2012

Grimm 2x06 promotional stillsHere are 10 new stills from NBC’s ‘Grimm,’ episode, 2×06 ‘Over My Dead Body.’



Of course these aren’t pictures from the next episode of NBC’s Grimm. These are the promotional photo’s for two weeks from now. Next week we get episode 2×05 ‘The Good Shepard.’ That episode will air on Friday, September 25, at 9pm on NBC. Grimm episode 2×06, ‘Over My Dead Body,’ will air on October 5, 2012 at 9pm.


In the next Episode 2×05 of Grimm, a local Reverend reports that his church has been robbed, Nick quickly learns that it’s a Wesen church, and enlists Monroe to check for any suspicious activity regarding the shepherd’s flock. Meanwhile, Nick and Juliette continue to figure out the rules of their relationship as a dangerous opponent lurks in the shadows with his sites on Nick.



Grimm may be in a little bit of trouble folks. The show has been losing viewers since the series premiere on October 18, 2011. That episode. 1×01, debuted to 6.56 million people. The final episode of season one premiered to a million and a half less with 5.10 million viewers. The Season two premiere was watched by 5.64 million, but is hovering in the low 5 millions in ratings ever since. If the steady decline continues, NBC may bail. Tell your friends to watch!



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