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19 New Hi-Res Images From PT Anderson’s The Master

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/02/2012

The Master



Yea! It’s almost here!  Paul Thomas Anderson films serve as one of the corner stones for my alive of film. When I was twelve years old I saw Hard Eight and loved it and in turn was enamored with its director, by the time I was fourteen and sneaking into a theater at the mall to see Boogie Nights, I became more than a fan of PT Anderson, I became of fervent supporter. So it doesn’t embarrass me to go over the top in my excitement for his next film The Master. .


The whispers  of The Master go back three years now, and it’s hard to believe that in the next six weeks “The Master” will play Venice and TIFF before landing in cinemas.


Early reports suggest that The Master is cut from the same chambray as A Face in the Crowd. Paul Thomas Anderson’s forthcoming drama concerns a hardscrabble drifter (Joaquin Phoenix) and a soft-spoken intellectual, Lancaster Dodd (Philip Seymour Hoffman), who founds his own religion, called the Cause.


“I am a writer, a doctor, a nuclear physicist and a theoretical philosopher,” Dodd explains in the film’s official trailer. He is also, allegedly, L Ron Hubbard in all but name, with the Cause a thinly veiled version of Scientology.  love it! Leave it to PT Anderson to pull of a veiled attempt like this.


Intriguingly, it’s hard to tell from the trailer just where our sympathies are meant to lie. Is The Master the tale of an innocent drifter who finds himself bamboozled by a corrupt pater familias? Or is it the story of a well-meaning intellectual struggling to rein in the loutish young buck he tries to nurture? Most likely it’s both – another of those darting, mercurial studies in grey from the man who made Magnolia, Punch-Drunk Love and There Will Be Blood.


“The Master” opens on September 14th. Check out the Nineteen new images:



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