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2 Broke Girls, Cupcake Business Scoop!

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 01/23/2013

2 Broke Girls, Cupcake Business Scoop!2 Broke Girls: Scoop on the future of Max and Caroline’s cupcake business from Entertainment Weekly’s Sandra Gonzalez


Here’s some scoop on 2 Broke Girls from Entertainment Weekly’s Sandra Gonzalez’s The Spoiler Room column, which was posted on 1/22/13.



I’m a big CBS comedy girl. So anything on HIMYM, BBT or 2 Broke? — Nikki

Max and Caroline have faced many foes on their path to success but here’s one they probably could have never seen coming: a puppeteer. In an upcoming episode, the two will encounter a man with a sick obsession with marionettes who plans to sue the girls for damages after injuries are sustained. Did I mention the injuried party is a puppet?



2 Broke Girls returns with 2×15, ‘And The Psychic Shakedown,’ on Monday, February 4, 2013 at 9pm on CBS.


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