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3 New Teasers From The Walking Dead Season 3

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/09/2012

the walking dead teasers

Here are Three Teaser From Season Three of The Walking Dead.


The first teaser we see red zombie eyes mushed up with blood and guts. The Rick Grimes repeats the revelation we learned last season, “We are all affected [With The vires] It’s very intense and all to dire for our group of survivors.




The second teaser from The Walking Dead we are witness to the totally transformation of Rick Grimes. He has taken full command of the team now that Shane is dead and gone. Rick wants to make one thing straight, “This is not a democracy anymore.”



The third trailer from The Walking Dead shows more Rick Grimes. He’s conflicted by his power and but has no real plan. He stands and yells, maybe to convince himself he really is a leader. e says that he didn’t ask for any of this, but that he is the one thats keeping everyone alive. The Walking Dead returns October 14 on AMC




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