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30 Rock 7X02 “Governor Dunston” Recap

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 10/12/2012

30 Rock 7X02 Governor Dunston30 Rock Season 7, Episode 2 “Governor Dunston”

We begin with Jack in his office talking on his computer. It turns out that he is Skyping with a horse. Liz Lemon walks in and asks Jack if he has been talking with a horse. Jack clarifies that it is not just any horse, but Mitt Romney’s champion mayor horse, Reflaca. Jack says Reflaca answers yes or no questions by eating certain types of food for the answer. Jack says he now knows the newest set-back in the Romney campaign: that Paul Ryan has dropped out of the VP race…b/c he was actually born in Kenya! Jack thinks they will announce the replacement later that day. Liz asks about how the tanking NBC plan is going. Jack replies Hank will have no choice but to sell it soon since his changes include letting Jimmy Fallon use his real voice. Cut to a clip of Jimmy Fallon talking like Mickey Mouse on this talk show as he introduces The Roots as they look disapprovingly at him. Back to the office, Jack congratulates Liz on a terrible TGS show. Liz explains that she told the writers that there is no such thing as a bad idea. Cut to a clip of Tracey Jordan dressed up as “Black Hitler” and showing up for his RSVP at a restaurant. Jack then asks how Liz’s reproductive efforts as are going. Liz replies that she and Chris are having sex most nights but nothing is coming of it. Jack tells Liz to enjoy it b/c Chris looks like an “elf prince.” Liz says she needs to “phone the show” in now and must leave. Jack then tells Liz that he doesn’t want any political sketches being done that might make TGS popular again. Liz responds by saying that she will use observational humor, like talking about tables and doors, as Jack slams one in her face. Opening credits roll.

Cut to Jenna walking into the writer’s room, saying she has waited seven years to tell the writers what she thinks of them, chides Liz, and takes out an envelope containing a royalty check for a music side project she did over the summer called “Balls.” Cut to a clip showing the music video where Jenna monotonously says “Balls” over and over again against different backdrops. Jenna then opens the envelope and is dismayed to reveal the check is only for $90. Tracy enters and blames the fall of the music industry on “Al Gore’s stupid internet.” Tracy then claims that is the reason he quit music, despite his claims of having a good vice and songwriting abilities, which he really doesn’t have at all. Jenna storms out as Chris enters. Tracy accuses Chris of having erotic intentions with Liz since he didn’t arrive at lunchtime. Chris admits it is true since he is tracking Liz’s menstrual cycle with a calendar so it wouldn’t be a chore since they are trying to have a baby. Liz takes Chris into her office. Chris sys he knows she is ovulating tries to clear her desk, but Liz gets upset that he is clearing off her filing system. One of the writers, Herberger, barges in and turns of the television as Romney is introducing his new running mate, Gov. Bob Dunston from Alabama, who looks and acts exactly like Tracey. Herberger says they want Tracey to play him on TGS (something Tina Fey would know nothing about). Liz says no b/c Jack doesn’t want political sketches and wonders what the joke is, Dunston then makes a comment about his testicals. Tracey comes in and insists on playing him.

Jenna is walking to her dressing room when Kenneth is trying to introduce her to his mother. Jenna says she is in a side project crisis and storms off. Kenneth’s mother, Pearline, says she hoped she didn’t embarrass Kenneth since she cannot believe she just met Jenna. Kenneth says she did fine but her boyfriend, Ronald MacDonald has not. Ron is standing behind Kenneth and says the only celebrity he ever met was Eval Kenval’s motorcycle picture. Pearline reveals a resent for Kenneth, wrapped CD of Christmas tunes. Jenna is overjoyed to see someone actually still buys CDs and takes the CD for herself. Jenna then invites them to come to her dressing room for lunch to watch her eat.

Jack is watching the VP debate where Dunston talks about trying to talk a girl out of being a prostitute when Liz enters. Liz insists that Tracy play Dunston and everyone has been talking about their similar appearance since had over 100 hits in one day. Jack says no b/c he wants no political sketches b/c that would hurt the Republican party. He says this just as Dunston rips his pants off to reveal underwear that says “Hoem of the Whopper.” Jack wants to help the network by destroying it, “Just like BP did when the heroically tried to lubricate the Gulf of Mexico.” Jack instructs Liz to not a thing about Dunston and Liz agrees and walks off as Dunston is telling everyone he now has herpes.

Liz returns home to find the schedule Chris has created. Liz is upset b/c it is wrong b/c the Aunt Flow she was referring to was an actual person. Chris says he is trying to make it fun, like writing her a song. Liz says she knows and vows to have sex with him when she really is ovulating and starts speaking in German, but denies it.

The next day in the writer’s room, the writers are watching the new episode where Tracey played Dunston. Everyone is enjoying it and Liz is getting multiple offers and gift baskets. Jack pushes Liz into her office and Liz defends herself by saying that every one of Tracey’s lines were direct quotes and she didn’t write anything. Jack is upset about this since Hank now wants TGS on five nights a week so her free time is over. Liz says that this about politics. Suddenly, Judah walks in and shows Dunston vomiting chili into a cowboy hat. Liz says this is bigger than both of them.

In Jenna’s dressing room, Jenna is grilling Pearline and Ron about what music they like to buy as she eats baby food with chop sticks. They say times are tough and don’t have a stereo, but Ron sings. Kenneth asks about what. Ron says all kinds of things, like beaches. Kenneth wonders what he would about that since he’s such a loser. Ron then reveals that they went to a beach on their honeymoon…seven years ago. Kenneth is upset and storms off. Jenna is upset since she has not talked in a while.

Herberger is talking to Liz. Liz says she needs to schedule the whole month to see when she can have sex. She starts getting hot as she is cross referencing TGS’ schedule with her ovulations. Liz starts practically orgasming at the thought of landscaping a page. Liz then rushes home and strips Chris and says scheduling si the thing that turns her on.

Jack walks in his office to find Cooter Berger pouring a drink, which turns out to be a prank on him. Jack asks what Cooter has been doing, and Cooter says he was a lobbyist after 2008, where he would hang around in hotel lobbies and take naps in people’s cars pretending to be a valet attendant. However, Cooter is now a media relations specialist for Romney/Dunston 2012. Cooter says they need more Dunston sketches b/c it makes Dunston likable b/c he is really an awful person in real life. Jack begrudgingly agrees.

Back in Jenna’s dressing room, Pearline and Ron return to ask advice while Jenna is playing an acoustic guitar. Jenna says she is trying to write music for the only people who buy CDs, “white middle bummers,” like them. Jenna asks for Ron’s help. Ron sings about being Kenneth’s new dad. Jenna says it is terrible and for Ron to kill himself. Kenneth rushes in and says Jenna cannto say things about that to Ron b/c she is not family. Pearline says that that is what family is: Family are the people you bad mouth all the time behind their back. But you definitely don’t let other people do it. Jenna says that she just Tracy singing over Chris and Liz seducing each other in Staples…until they get kicked out.

Cut to backstage on the TGS set. Liz shows Jack the schedule and says she has conquered her intimacy issues since everything now has to be organized. Liz then talks in German comparing it to a Dusseldorf bus schedule. Jacks says he is hoping she is doing Dunston sketches now to help the Republicans. Liz says that is it, she is done with it so she can help the Obama campaign. Jack says if she doesn’t, TGS will go back to being on one night a week and her schedule will revert to being like Paris metro schedule where there will be too much talking. Liz doesn’t like this. Tracey comes in and Liz hopes he breaks a leg and lets him go on.

The last segment shows Dunston talking about rape at the VP debate with Joe Biden. He then brings up accusations about Mitt Romney and only objects to the idea of him being a Mormon.


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