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30 Rock 7X03 “Stride of Pride” Recap

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 10/19/2012

30 Rock 7x03 Stride of Pride Recap30 Rock Season 7, Episode 3 “Stride of Pride”

We open with Liz Lemon seeing Jack saying goodbye to a leggy blonde in a black car. Jack turns around and sees Liz as he closes the door. Jack says that she is the heir to the Sabarros restaurant fortune and he is wearing the same clothes as the day before and is on a “walk of shame,” but Liz disagrees and tells him to embrace it as a “stride of pride.” Jack wonders why Liz is being so non-judgmental. Cut to Liz in her younger days on her own walk of shame where she stayed up all night helping her gay then-boyfriend create a coat for a production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Liz then says since her boyfriend has been trying to have a baby with her, she feels ready to have a Sex and the City-esque social lifestyle.

In the elevator, Jack then remarks that he is actually seeing many women b/c after his marriage didn’t work out, he realized he cannot find everything in just one woman and is hoping they don’t find out about each other. He says he got the idea from The Great Escape. He then remarks that if they did find out, it would be very sexy.

In the writer’s room, Liz is trying to invite a Sex and the City-style female group to brunch, but fails when the younger women reject her. Judah then enters and shows Liz a magazine article showing Jenna and claiming she is doing great at age 56. Liz is horrified. She orders Pete to order every copy of the issue and burn it. She then orders Kenneth to get the copy out of Jenna’s dressing room before she sees it. Jenna then enters and is upset, but not about the article, about that Tracey made a remark on Twitter that women are not funny. Liz screams with rage. Opening credits roll.

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Liz confronts Tracey about the quote. Tracey refuses to take it back. Liz then says that men and women just find different things funny. She says that women hate things men like, such as motorcycles and dark superhero movies. Tracey then dares Liz to do something funny right there. Liz cannot do it. She then says she is not going to waste her time justifying his claims and leaves. Dotcom then remarks that that is exactly the kind of comic button women cannot come up with.

In Jenna’s dressing room, Kenneth enters and plays a seductive game of janitor and sticky gum on the floor with Jenna. While Jenna looks at his hairless leg, Kenneth throws the magazine to Pete and he gives it to Liz. Liz says she has already contacted the magazine about how old Jenna really is. They think their problem is solved and high five each other.

Jack is seen in a museum kissing one of his girlfriends, playing tennis with another, smoking cigars with yet another, then coming out of a department store with a fourth, Mindy. Jack asks if they would want to do something and Mindy says they could just have sex. Suddenly, Jack sees another one of them, Serena. Mindy wonders off. Serena then reveals her “idiotic” sex toy, Ryan.

In her office, Liz is talking about sex with her boyfriend, Sex and the City style with some of the female writers when Tracey enters. Tracey wants Liz to put a monkey on the show. Liz is angry about Tracey thinking monkeys are funny but women aren’t. Tracey thinks he wins the argument by avoiding debating it.

Jack is talking with Serena still.  Serena explains that her having multiple boyfriends is called “Pokemon”-ing. Suddenly, they see Ryan and Mindy making out behind them. They stop them.

On the TGS set, Kenneth shows Jenna a new article about how young she appears b/c of hard partying. Jenna is furious and takes Liz in the back. Jenna admits to planting the first article b/c she is trying to appear older on purpose to “jump ahead” to elude the curse of middle age actresses. She wants to be like Helen Hirren, who always appears sexier than she really is. Jenna then reveals that she is in the running to win a campaign for a stair climber company. She threatens Liz to never have anyone try to make her appear young again lest she lose that endorsement deal.

In Jack’s office, Liz talks Jack out of meeting Serena’s other boyfriends and Jack reveals that he thinks monkeys are hilarious and rejects Liz’s offer to have a Sex and the City style brunch, but she tells him where she and her boyfriend had sex last night anyway as he is ordering her away.

On the TGS set, Tracey introduces the monkey he saw on youtube that he wants on the show. Everyone loves the monkey. Tracey says that this is proof that monkeys are funnier than females. Liz gets angry and demands that everyone attend a re-staging of her 1996 two woman stage show with Jenna that afternoon.

In Jack’s office, Jack receives a text from Serena. Jack is suspicious that it is a group text and was sent to all her boyfriends. A young female assistant tells him that Serena is actually “blond-hopping” him and shows him that it was sent to all of them. Jack then wants her to teach him how to copy and paste all e-mail addresses at once.

In Jenna’s dressing room, Jenna is upset that the chair company is leaning toward Jamie Lee Curtis. Liz then tells Jenna they need to re-stage their old show to teach Tracey a lesson. Jenna agrees as long as they do the one where Jenna plays a little girl while Liz plays a doctor. It is obvious Jenna has something up her sleeve.

Jack has called in all of Serena’s boyfriends. They are all different and Jack doesn’t see where he fits in with them since he feels he is the “total package.” Jack concludes that he must be the “father figure.”

On the TGS set, Liz and Jenna do their show. It is a hit. Tracey finally admits that the skit was funny b/c Jenna was trying to look young and a woman was trying to be a doctor. Suddenly, the founder of the chair company appears coming own the staircase on one of his chairs and offers Jenna the deal. Jenna admits that’s why she did it. Tracey admits women are funny, but not in a very flattering way. Liz decides to take what she can get on goes on a new stride of pride as the old man wheelchairs in front of her.

Jenna enters Jack’s office at night and goes towards the window. Jack is actually in the office, wondering what Jenna is doing there. Jenna explains that sometimes she likes to go up there and flash the Empire State Building. Jack wonders if that is the only building she flashes, or does she flash another one to make the Empire State Building feel old? Jenna is concerned. Jack says he has to break up with Serena b/c she makes him feel old. Jenna tries to make Jack feel better by saying he should embrace getting older like she does. She says he should stay with Serena and be the older person b/c you can say racist things and get away with it. Jack likes this idea.

We then see Liz completely imitating Sarah Jessica Parker’ character on Sex and the City with a voiceover montage as Liz types on her laptop what she has learned, concluding everything we have just seen. We see Jenna shooting her commercial with the automatic chair, Tracey discovering that the monkey is actually female, and Jack showing Serena an old movie. Liz concludes that being who you are is what gets you what you want and that she needs to change her Zappos order. Liz then falls off the bed in a tutu while closing the laptop.

During the closing credits, Tracey is listing funny women. Tracey then says that those are just the names of his fingers. Liz is angry and gets up to leave, Tracey then lists a few more then says they all yelled at him on their periods. Liz just leaves.

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Episode Synopsis: Liz and Jack square off in a political battle to influence voters in the 2012 presidential election. Elsewhere, Jenna goes to extremes to please her new fan base. Original Air Date: Oct 25, 2012


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