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30 Rock 7X05 There’s No I In America Recap

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 11/03/2012

30 Rock There's No I In America Recap Presidential Election30 Rock Season 7, Episode 5 There’s No I In America

After a previous episode recap, we see Jack and Liz meeting in the hallway on their way to find Jenna. They split up. On her way, Liz runs into an old flame who wants her to marry him, a glass wall, a spilled marble collection, and a painting of backstage that she to crash through. Both and Jack and Liz find Jenna walking backstage and try to persuade her with own ineffective arguments. Jenna decides that she needs to hear them debate the issue of which political team best suits her. Opening credits roll.

Kenneth enters and shows Tracey his absentee ballot that has arrived and how excited he is to finally vote now that his minister has died and been replaced with a minister who believes voting isn’t a sin. He remarks that Tracey must have been excited when he got to vote for an African-American candidate. Tracey remarks that he forgot all about Obama as he has been banned from all social media b/c he makes offensive jokes after celebrity deaths. After telling Kenneth what he said about Andy Griffith, Kenneth exits. The other writers then enter in their place. Pete also enters holding an Obama cut-out. He says he is just as excited about voting for Obama today as he was then. The other writers know he is excited b/c he thinks he will kiss the same security guard, Maria, as before during the results party.

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Liz enters Jack’s office and asks him why is he showing negative ads about her relationship with Jenna on the TGS feed. Liz argues that Jenna is a slutty liberal and that jack tricks people into voting against their own interests and sells them out quickly after words. Jack says he is disappointed b/c he is always right yet Liz persists b/c of petty emotional reasons. Liz tells Jack not to underestimate her, as her gynecologist calls and she asks if anyone left Burger King in his office.

Kenneth talks with a writer about how overwhelming voting is. The writer just says that’s a part of life in a democracy.

Pete enters the 30 Rock building and sees Maria. He invites her to the results party but Maria says she cannot go b/c her shift now ends at 6PM, which is too early unless they call the winner early. This gives Pete a sliver of hope.

On stage, Liz and Jack are about to debate. Jenna says they will know to stop their opening statement when she sings the entire National Anthem. Jack and Liz then each debate their arguments, including keeping arts programs by using a young girl sitting in the audience with her parents. They conclude, Jack being much more convincing.

Kenneth walks into Tracey’s office and whines about not knowing how to vote. Tracey says being an America is all about making uninformed decisions and to vote that way.

In Jack’s office, Liz says she is glad she is not manipulative as Jack. Jack says he doesn’t like Romney, but he will not let his feels get in the way. Liz tries to make an emotional appeal to Jack, but it doesn’t work.  Liz storms out.

Pete demands everyone vote early so they can call a vote. He tries to get an announcer to call it for Obama, but he will not. Liz enters and even she doesn’t believe there is any excitement for this election. Pete is determined to get the excitement of the last election back for this one.

Jack meets Jenna in the hallway and tries to get Jenna to send her tweet in time. Jenna says she is in a twitter war with a spambot and tries to end it a dirty picture of her genitals. The little girl from the debate comes up to Jack and says she wants Jenna’s autograph to sell on ebay, but that she isn’t really her role model.  Jack says he likes that she is so entrepreneurial and that voters don’t decide the president, only celebrities like Jenna do. This inspires the girl to want Jenna as her role model and to save up for implants instead of business school.

Liz goes into Tracey’s office and demands that he hijacks Jenna’s twitter account and make offensive celebrity death comments to get Jenna kicked off twitter. Tracey agrees.

Pete confronts Maria, but she says she is not interested in getting excited b/c nothing had really changed since 2008. Maria’s date then arrives, who is basically Pete with hair and a successful career. They run off and Pete is jealous.

Liz enters Jack’s office. Liz boasts that she decided to be as manipulative as Jack. Jack laughs b/c he decided to be like Liz and tell Jenna to not do anything b/c he couldn’t fathom living in a world created by her b/c of how that would inspire children. Liz comments on how they rubbed off on each other as they toast, and they realize they just sipped each other’s drink.

During the opening credits, Kenneth sends his ballot off with a flying eagle at the last minute. Kenneth finds Pete and says he feels very inspired. This inspires Pete to kiss him as he kissed Maria and Kenneth faints.


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