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30 Rock 7×07 Mazel Tov Dummies Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 11/30/2012

30 Rock

30 Rock 7×07 Mazel Tov Dummies Recap and Review


This episode of 30 Rock starts with Liz Lemon and her boyfriend, Chris, about to see the results of a pregnancy test. Chris wants to name the baby Frisbee if it is positive. If it is negative, then they will get disco fries. Liz reaches to look at the result and the picture cuts to her grabbing some fries at a diner.  Chris blames himself since he spent years trying to get on America’s Funniest Home Videos by having his crotch pummeled repeatedly.

Liz is unhappy about this negative result and chastises the man next to her for having a baby while she doesn’t b/c he is giving the baby orange soda. This man turns out to be her ex-boyfriend, Dennis. Dennis reveals that he is married and now sells suicide insurance, which is turning out to be very successful. Dennis also introduces his wife, Megan. Megan didn’t want to ruin her body, so they decided to adopt and African-American child they call Black Dennis. Liz calls Dennis on that for racism, but Dennis doesn’t see any harm in it. Dennis then exits, calling his family, “the new normal. Opening credits roll.

Dot com asks Tracey if he has read any of the scripts for his production company. They need to decide on their next project. Tracey says he has not. Dot com then sends all of Tracey’s pitch appointments in. There is then a montage of nearly all of the TGS writers pitching ideas. Even Jack pitches one. Tracey rejects them all, including a Harriet Tubman biopic. Dot com then reminds Tracey has to have his insurance physical that day. Tracey exits.

Liz enters her office with Chris. Liz is upset that her name has been on adoption agencies for years but Dennis gets to adopt just b/c he is married. Liz and Chris are just as committed to each other as any married couple, so they decide to get married the next day once they get a license. They agree to be engaged Top Gun-style.

Cut to Jenna walking down downtown Manhattan. A strange man approaches her and says she is his slave. Jenna then flashes back to a soda commercial she did in 1994 where the joke was that for a million soda points, the customer could buy her. The man informs that he has bought the soda for years and now has a million points and has come to claim his prize as promised. Jenna stares frozen at him.

Next, Liz enters Jack’s office and tells him the news of her engagement.  Jack is overjoyed and makes sure that it is with Chris. Liz says it is and that it’s no big deal. Jack insists that it is and asks her is she dreamt of married when she was young. Liz says she did, but it was re-enacting scenes from The Love Boat with her Teddy Bear. Liz says she is determined to take a stand against the wedding industrial complex that has taken over society since she is getting married wearing a sweatshirt.

After Tracey’s physical the Doctor reveals he is actually healthy. This upsets Tracey b/c he has always wanted to live without consequences b/c he thought he would die young. The Doctor replies that this upsets him b/c he has profited so much off of Tracey’s past health issues. Tracey decides to live healthier. The Doctor gives him a pamphlet with lots of vaginas it in.

Back in Jack’s office, Jenna arrives with the strange man and says she needs to be released from her contract to move to Arizona with the strange man. Jack says it is illegal for him to own Jenna. The strange get a soda label saying that he is entitled to her or her monetary value, which he has calculated to 800k. Jack has Jenna’s stock is going down each day and now is only worth 2k. The man agrees to take it b/c in Arizona, 2k is considered valuable.

Cut to a montage of an angst-ridden Tracey wearing a suit and trying to actually take care of himself. It stops with Tracey actually going to read the script to see which one is most marketable.

Cut to City Hall. Liz and Chris have arrived to be married dressed most casually.  Liz and Chris run off to get registered and ask two strangers in Mets merch to be their witnesses. The strangers are actually a couple who wear those clothes b/c that is what they were wearing when they met. Their number is called and they run off. Chris tells Liz that he will go through with not getting dressed up if it’s what she wants. Liz says it is and does the same eye roll she did at the first wedding she went to. Chris then reveals that he forgot his birth certificate.  Jack then calls and says he can get Tony Bennett to sing for her wedding if Liz has come to her senses. Liz is adamant that she get married the way she is and orders Chris to go get his birth certificate while she finds witnesses.

Next, Jenna is seen in her dressing room very sad. Jack and Kenneth arrive to make her feel better. Jack says the 2k thing was just a negotiation tactic, but in today’s market, 2k is very respectable.  Jenna isn’t convinced, so Jack says that he isn’t worth much himself since he is older now and has fulfilled his potential and has no future. This makes Jenna happy.

Back to City Hall, Chris and Liz meet up. Chris put on a turtle neck and Liz found two homeless men to be her witnesses. Chris then reveals that he brought Dennis and Megan to be his witnesses. Liz then gets upset b/c it isn’t what she wants. Chris asks her why is she upset when she isn’t supposed to care. Liz then reveals that there’s a part of her that wants the day to be special but doesn’t want it to be b/c of society. Chris then reveals that he found a book under her underwear drawer containing wedding photos of her and her Teddy Bear dressed up in wedding clothes. Chris then reveals that he did those things on purpose to get Liz to admit that.

Tracey then walks out of the building reading a script. He then walks into a taxi and gets run over. He then flashes into his mind. Jack appears dressed as Harriet Tubman. Harriet assures Tracey that while he is healthy now, it probably won’t last and he could still die young. Tracey goes back to his office to tell Dot Com that he has chosen the Harriet Tubman script as his next project b/c it is the most irresponsible since it is a historical epic about a woman. He runs off to start location scouting.

Tracey wakes up as Liz is getting out of a cab. Tracey says he almost died and has never felt better. Liz says she is getting married. Tracey is overjoyed and gets hit by another taxi and tells her to go get married. Chris goes to a police auction. Dennis and Megan buy tons of balloons. Liz calls Jack and Jack turns around suddenly dressed in a suit at City Hall. Liz picks out the perfect outfit from her closet.

Liz gets to City Hall with her hair in buns, She takes off her coat to reveal she is getting married as Princess Leia b/c she is a princess for the day. After the Priest asks if they will be exchanging rings, Chris reveals a giant Tito ring that was confiscated in Riverside Park, where they first met. Liz takes a fake gold retainer out of a clear case and stretches it out and places it on Chris’ upper teeth. They exchange vows and are pronounced husband and wife. Tony Bennett appears and sings. As they kiss, Liz’s lips get caught on the gold retainer.



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