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30 Rock Season 7 X 04 “Unwindulax” Recap

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 10/26/2012

30 Rock 7X04 Unwindulax30 Rock Season 7, Episode 4 “Unwindulax”

We open with Liz Lemon strolling through a sea of what appears at first to be beach dwellers, but turns out to be Manhattan party people who were inspired by Jenna’s song, “Catching Crabs.”  Liz bumps into characters played by Gary Cole and Amy Sedaris. They explain that they are “crab catchers” and that Jenna’s Jimmy Buffett rip-off song is really catching on in the rest of the country. Liz is confounded that Jenna is puling this off and walks away as Amy Sedaris’ character takes her top off, revealing a tattoo of a seatbelt.

In Jack’s office, Liz arrives and Jack asks her to attend an expensive Republican fundraiser dinner with him b/c his girlfriend canceled, but makes sure she promises to keep her opinions to herself. Liz dubiously agrees, and then runs away gleefully. Opening credits roll.

Pete is sitting at his desk and cannot stand the singing of the Crab Catchers outside so, he runs out and complains as Jenna is walking in with a box full of crab hats. Frank and Tracey are sitting at the writers’ table and also complain. Jenna scoffs and insults them as she walks away with her box.

At the Republican dinner, Liz is stuffing her mouth while over-hearing Jack talk with trust-fund babies make anti-Obama remarks. This annoys Liz and she attempts to get her views across, but cannot b/c her mouth is full and Jack made her promise not to.

Back at the 30 Rock building, the Crab Catchers are touring the TGS floor when Jenna appears. The characters played by Gary Cole and Amy Sedaris run up to have their photo taken, only to spill something on Jenna, which makes her lash out and call them morons. This upsets the Crab Catchers. Jenna attempts damage control and tells them to pout “more on” her. The writers notice this and realize that Jenna cannot be herself while they are around.

Liz is still attempting to feed herself while the Republicans chastise Obama. Liz finally has had enough and turns around and says that since they are now out of shrimp, she’s going to say what she wants and delivers her liberal agenda. Jack speaks up and says this is exactly what they are up against.

Back at 30 Rock, Jenna is hosting a meet and greet. The writers approach her and annoy her by getting her to sign pre-nosejob headshots and agreeing to a writers cutting off part of her hair. Back in the office, Jenna threatens the writers by saying is they cross her or her “people,” they can never go to Florida or fly Delta.

Liz is attempting get her coat back, but they cannot seem to find it. Jack enters and she asks him if his girlfriend really cancelled. Jack says he just needed to unite the Republicans around a common enemy and Ed Beagley Jr wasn’t available. Liz gets upset and says that ideas are more powerful than money, which amuses Jack and causes him to stop another Republican and asks her to say it again. When Liz does, the Republican laughs and cuts a check. Jacks says he believe that rich people make all the difference and that Americans are stupid and need to have their presidents picked for them. Liz vows that America will hear her perspective.

Back at the TGS office, Pete is still annoyed by the Crab Catchers. Pete opens the window and begins screaming at them, causing the window to close on his neck. Liz enters and says that the current political skits are not effective enough and that they need to make an actual difference. She suggest getting a hot young actor. A writer says that he is related to Kellan Lutz. Liz doesn’t believe him, then Kellen Lutz appears.

In Jack’s office, Jack demands that they get Romney elected. A campaign manager, who is supposed to be Mitt Romney’s son, says that Romney has so much money, he doesn’t know what to do with it. Jack says the key to making a difference might be to change African Americans minds.

Pete, wearing a neck brace, sits at his desk, still annoyed at the Crab Catchers. The other writers stare at the window and wonder what they can do to make a difference.

We next see a political ad starring Don Cheadle endorsing Mitt Romney, which he can barely get through without laughing about getting paid ten million dollars. He then introduces Jazz, the transformer. Tracey’s assistants are watching the ad and get angry. Jack tries to bribe them and they say they will report to election officials.

While filming TGS, Kellan Lutz appears to deliver a political statement to too much screaming from female fans. A writer urges him to take his shirt off, and he obliges. Liz is disappointed.

Back in Jack’s office, Jack is upset that his money isn’t making a difference and thinks about moving to Monaco b/c they solve all their problems with money. But then, Jack says he knows how the election will play out.

In Liz’s office, Tracey enters. Liz is disappointed her ideas aren’t making a difference. Tracey says since he has done stand-up in every state in the nation, he knows how people think and how the election will play out. 

Cut to a montage of Jack and Tracey explaining how every state will vote. They conclude that Florida is the key to the election, which is the state Jenna controls.

Back in the writer’s room, Frank says they have complied footage of all of Jenna’s freak-outs they want to use to destroy her image with. Pete destroys the DVD and says something happened to him the night before. We see Pete with the neck brace walking out at night and they cured him of his neck pains. Now, Pete wants to be known as Panama wears Hawaiian shirts.

We see Tracey and Jack debating Florida. They conclude that Northern Florida is impossible to predict b/c those people don’t like to be told what to do. Their motto is “unwindulax.” Liz and Jack see Jenna on the television screen saying that word and both know that Jenna will decide the fate of the election. Jack runs out of the office as Kenneth is trying to kill a spider.


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