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5 Things To Know: “Castle” 5×19 The LIves of Others Scoop!

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 04/01/2013

5 Things To Know: "Castle" 5x19 The LIves of Others Scoop!

Castle: Scoop on the 100th episode (Episode 5×19 “The Lives of Others”) from Zap2it’s Laurel Brown



Here’s some scoop on the 100th episode of Castle, episode 5×19 “The Lives of Others”, from Zap2it’s Laurel Brown.



1. Despite the impressive and bandaged cast, Castle has broken only a very small bone. He whines a lot. He demands attention and food delivery. This is very irritating to Beckett.


2. “You’ve actually gone ‘Rear Window.’” Within three minutes of the episode beginning, someone references the theme of the 100th episode. Interestingly, it’s not Castle who makes it. That’s probably because of the pain medication.


3. Other entertainment sources referenced throughout the episode include “Charlie’s Angels,” “Zero Dark Thirty,” and “America’s Most Wanted.”


4. “Must be writers…”: Castle doesn’t see his murder immediately — he has to look into several apartments before he gets to that. In the first window, he sees a couple talking animatedly over a laptop. Look closely and you’ll enjoy a cameo by “Castle” writers/producers Andrew Marlowe and Terri Miller.


5. When Alexis (Molly Quinn) joins her father in his voyeurism, she gets to enjoy some shirtlessness. Much to the annoyance of her father.


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