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7 Clips and Trailers From The Avengers BluRay-DVD Combo Pack

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/31/2012

The AvengersThe Avengers DVD and Blu-Ray will hit theaters September 25th, but that doesn’t mean Marvel is going to let up now. A full two months out from release, Marvel is beginning their sale push with news of mid credits scenes.


The comic book turned film force, Marvel has releasees 7 clips in all from the BluRay-DVD combo pack release. The clips are mostly action scenes, with the exception of two, the original Items 47 Trailer and the “Head Count” clip featuring Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.)


If you haven’t seen the film, you don’t have to worry about spoilers, just about everything here was shown in someway in the theatrical trailers. While, the Thanos scene doesn’t make much sense of out of context, it hits the action highlights sufficiently enough to get fans hyped up, and does include Tom Hiddleston.




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