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7 Days Of Sex: Episode 5 Recap

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 05/24/2012

7 Days of Sex Episode 5 RecapAll four episodes of ‘7 Days of Sex’ have been massive successes so far, so I just had to tune in to episode 5 of ‘7 Days of Sex’ to see if the lucky streak continued. In this new Lifetime reality series, two couples commit to having sex with one another every day for an entire week.

In Episode 5 of ‘7 Days of Sex’ we watch two couples who struggle to keep the romance alive. The first couple is Joe and Nimisha who have been married for four years. They are trying to conceive a child and explain that they are maybe having sex every week or every other week. The doctor has recommended that they have sex every other night to increase the chances for conception. Joe has concerns that Nimisha doesn’t take on enough responsibility around the house.

The second couple is Matt and April from Lewis, Texas. Matt and April have been married for 7 years, although they have known each other for a total of 17 years. They have a young son, and struggle with issues of control. Matt describes April as somebody who needs to be in control a lot, while April doesn’t feel that Matt takes care of himself anymore.

Day by Day Summary of ‘7 Days of Sex’ Episode 5:

Day 1: Nimisha meets up with her friends to tell them about the ‘7 Days of Sex’ experiment. One of her friends tells her, “I think you’re gonna be a little sore.” Day 1 is a success for the couple, and Nimisha describes it as, “a goody but quickie.”

Matt is concerned that April is always so focused on her job as a pharmaceutical representative. Night 1 is a success for the couple, but April immediately gets on a business call afterward.

Day 2: Joe does not feel that Nimisha does enough around the house, so he gives her a chore list. Joe is a highly successful car sales manager, and Nimisha lives a lavish lifestyle while he is away at work. Since Joe knew that Nimisha would struggle with the chore list, he hires a housekeeper to show Nimisha how the work is done. According to the hilarious narrator of the show “cleanliness is next to horniness” for Joe on Day 2.

Matt wants April to loosen up a little so he plans a nice family dinner, and tells April that she cannot take control. Their son ends up wearing pajamas to dinner, and April is worried what people will think. The couple has an incredible night in the “board room” (their term for the bedroom).

Day 3: Nimisha wants Joe to be less rigid and focused on work, so she takes him out to a nice French restaurant. She asks him to stay out late with her to go drinking and dancing. Nimisha describes it as, “A happy wife, a happy life.” They have an outstanding night.

Matt takes April to a high ropes course so that she can relinquish control. Day 3 is a success, and April describes it as “getting easier.”

7 Days of Sex Episode 5

Day 4: Joe gets Nimisha a crying, robot doll to see if she can really handle the challenges of caring full-time for a baby. She is simply not used to it, and leaves her robot baby on the kitchen counter. Day 4 is still a success, even with the crying baby lying nearby.

April takes Matt for a pedicure and manicure, and describes it as being a day for him. Matt wishes that April would have given him choices about things to do for his “special day.” Day 4 is still a success as April kisses Matt’s fresh, soft feet.

Day 5: Nimisha cleans the house as a surprise for Joe, who comes home to find spots on the floor. Nimisha gets upset because she tried so hard, and it was her first time mopping. Joe apologizes for focusing on the spots rather than the effort Nimisha put into it. Day 5 is a success, and then Joe just wants to go to sleep.

Matt asks April to try to pick him up at a bar in order for her to face a “challenge.” The challenge does not turn out to be too difficult as April ties a cherry stem into a knot, and then asks Matt to go to their room together. Day 5 is a success!

Day 6: Matt and April enjoy the outdoors, and the fresh air really gets them both in the mood. Matt describes it as, “Wow! So good… so hot!”

Joe remembers how he and Nimisha used to fight a lot early on in the relationship. The fights would always bring about hot sessions, so Joe decided to “fake” a fight with Nimisha. The fake fight really got the two of them in the mood.

Day 7: 7 Days of Sex Recommitment Ceremony Vows

April – “I promise every night I will make ‘us’ time.” April also promises to relax and let Matt take charge more often.

Matt – “I promise to focus more on my spouse, put her first.” He also promises to get into better shape and to revisit the 7 Days of Sex experiment at least once a year.

Nimisha – “I promise to try to keep the house in tip top share… and when we have a baby I realize that you do work hard, and since I’m at home I will try to make it as easy as possible on you.”

Joe – “I promise to be more spontaneous, more flexible, and less rigid… I promise to have sex every other night like the doctor recommended.”



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