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7 Days of Sex: Episode 8 Recap

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/21/2012

7 Days of Sex7 Days of Sex Season 1 Episode 8 – Lifetime TV’s ‘7Days of Sex’ always comes to the rescue when love lives start to fizzle out. It was no different for Season 1: Episode 8 of ‘7 days of Sex.’



Episode 8 of ‘7 Days of Sex’ followed two couples as they committed to having sex with one another every day for seven consecutive days in a row. Sara and Joel Zaldivar have been married for five years and have two children together, but feel that they are living two separate lives. Sara estimates that they are having sex 1.5833 times per month, while Joel estimates that they are having sex about 1.1666 times per month on average.

Bobbie and Paul have been married for twelve years and also have children together. They estimate that they have sex about once a month if they are lucky. It is difficult for Bobbie and Paul to have private time alone, without their children barging in on them.

Both couples report that there was a lot of romance and physicality at the beginning of their relationships, but the stress of daily life and having children to care for has made it difficult for them to maintain a healthy sex life. Here is a day by day breakdown of Episode 8 of ‘7 Days of Sex:

Day 1 of ‘7 Days of Sex’:

Sara is at home alone with the kids while Joel is at an acting audition, which means that he will be home much later than his normal time. Sara is stressed and frustrated. Joel brings her some ice cream to make it up to her and they achieve their Day 1 goal of ‘7 Days of Sex.’

Paul and Bobbie worry about what they will do to keep their children from coming into their room. They decide to bribe their son with some chocolate covered cereal, but after finishing his treat, he insists, “I need the door open.” They still manage to accomplish Day 1 of ‘7 Days of Sex.’

Day 2 of ‘7 Days of Sex’:

“Nothing says romance like the hardware store to Paul,” exclaims Bobbie. The couple ends up at the hardware store to purchase some locks for their bedroom doors so the children are not able to come running in at any time. Bobbie is a little hesitant and worried about what the children will think about them locking their doors, but Paul insists that it would be much worse for the kids to walk in and see something that they do not want to see. Day 2 of ‘7 Days of Sex’ is a huge success and the locks are a big help.

7 Days of SexSara wants relief from spending all day with the kids, and asks Joel to take one of the children to the park. Sara enjoys the small break and Day 2 ends in success for this couple.

Day 3 of ‘7 Days of Sex’:

Bobbie wants to go for a romantic dinner with Paul, but asks that he do something romantic for her. At first Bobbie is confused and not quite certain about what to do. Bobbie tells Paul that it is not “rocket science.” Paul ends up delivering a vase of tulips to the restaurant prior to the dinner, and Bobbie really appreciates this effort. Bobbie and Paul end Day 3 of ‘7Days of Sex’ with success.

Joel wants Sara to be more affectionate with him, kind of like when they first started dating. She agrees and shows her affection to Joel. Day 3 of ‘7 Days of Sex’ ends in success for Sara and Joel.

Day 4 of ‘7 Days of Sex’:

Bobbie and Paul go to a sex workshop and learn all about electrosex in which couples use electrical items to liven up their sex lives. One example of an electrical item is a fly zapper. Although the workshop is fairly entertaining, they don’t plan to really use much of it. Paul states, “I don’t need to be tied up with whips and chains.” Day 4 of ‘7 Days of Sex’ ends with a lot of giggling and happiness for Bobbie and Paul.

Sara decides to go to the gym where Joel is a personal trainer. Sara states that Joel is in “fantastic shape” so it can almost be a little intimidating for her to be naked in front of him. She goes through a full workout with Joel and hopes to start feeling much better about herself being naked. Day 4 of ‘7 Days of Sex’ ends with success for Sara and Joel.

Lifetime TV’s ‘talhotblond’ Directed by Courteney Cox

Day 5 of ‘7 Days of Sex’:

Joel surprises Sara with a trip to the salon, but unfortunately he gets called to an audition and Sara is not able to go get her hair done after all. Joel makes it up to her by bringing home some sushi and they still have a great Day 5 together.

After and end of a long day of working, Bobbie and Paul make some time for romance. Bobbie states, “in our normal life this wouldn’t have happened at all.” They find that by taking time for one another they find a lot of happiness and joy of Day 5 of ‘7 Days of Sex.’

Day 6 of ‘7 Days of Sex’:7 Days of Sex

Joel and Sara try to spice things up by going salsa dancing. They want to be a “husband and wife and not just a mom and dad.”

Bobbie commits to locking both the bedroom and the adjoining bathroom door to really keep the children out. They have a successful Day 6 of ‘7 Days of Sex,’ although they joke, “we are too old for this.”

Day 7 of ‘7 Days of Sex’: Commitment Ceremony

Joel: “I promise to be much more responsible with my time at home. . . and I definitely will put myself out to take care of the kids and allow you to have some of your own time. . . Sara time.”

Sara: “You asked me to be more affectionate to you and that’s definitely a commitment I can keep for the future.” She also committed to having sex at least three times per week.

Bobbie: “I promise to plan date night at least once a month. I promise to add some sprinkles to the vanilla ice cream that we have for dessert on our date night.”

Paul: “I need to make baby steps. . . I had gone so long without doing the little stuff. . . ignore all those little things and a marriage starts to crack.”

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