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7 Days of Sex: Episode 9 Recap

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/28/2012

7 Days of Sex‘7 Days of Sex’ Season 1, Episode 9 – Lifetime TV

Lifetime TV’s ‘7 Days of Sex‘ Episode 9 – “Binion; Godoy” A wife wishes her husband would help out around the house more; a couple lives separate lives and sleeps in separate bedrooms.

Julia and Anthony got married eight years ago, and now they are having sex “maybe” twice a month and are sleeping in separate rooms.

Briana and Royce have been married for just over two years, and he is described as being fairly “high maintenance.” Royce describes his situation as being, “deprived of the amount of gettin’ it that I’m gettin.’”

On ‘7 Days of Sex’ both couples have sex for seven consecutive days, and then determine if the sex paid off and resulted in improvements in their relationships or not.

Day 1 of ‘7 Days of Sex’

Royce is a financial advisor and Briana stays home with their two children. Briana states that Royce, “is a bit arrogant” and that it can really take a toll on her at times. Briana feels that it is hard to feel sexy when she is always on “mommy mode.” After their son came along, Royce feels that it took 65% of the affection away from him. Briana wishes that Royce would become a “nicer king” and not a “royal pain in the ass.” Royce and Briana had a good time on night 1 of ‘7 Days of Sex.’

Anthony Godoy is a contractor while Julia is a writer and stays at home with their son. Things 7 Days of Sexhave gotten so “NOT fun” for the two of them that they are now sleeping in separate bedrooms. Julia states, “the way that we communicate has changed for the worst.” Anthony and Julia have exploded towards one another so many times that they now avoid one another as much as possible. It’s “Hallelujah” time for Anthony and Julia on Night 1 of ‘7 Days of Sex,’ although she doesn’t think the 15 minutes was long enough.

Day 2 of ‘7 Days of Sex’

Royce Binion leaves a list of housecleaning duties for Briana to get done during the day. Royce wants more order around the house. The list includes washing the dishes, folding the clothes, reading to the kids, taking the kids out, and Briana being happy when Royce gets home. Day 2 of ‘7 Days of Sex’ still manages to be a success despite the fact that Briana didn’t complete all of her chores for the day.

Anthony and Julia go out to eat with friends and Anthony brings his beloved dog along. Day 2 is a big success for this couple, and Anthony admit that, “he’s out of practice.”

Day 3 of ‘7 Days of Sex’

Royce stays home with the kids to cook dinner. Briana hopes that he learns how tough it can be to do so much work in a day. Briana gets home and dinner is not ready yet, after Royce realized how hard it was to take care of a crying baby and cook dinner at the same time. The dinner, “wasn’t good.” Day 3 is a success and Briana feels that Royce has a better understanding of how much work she does on a daily basis as a stay at home mother.

Julia created a beautiful love note for Anthony and he really appreciated it. Day 3 was a success.

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Day 4 of ‘7 Days of Sex’

Royce and Briana go out for a nice dinner together. Royce wants her to feel like a “queen.” Briana states, “we haven’t done the husband and wife thing in a long time.” Briana talks to Royce about how she wants him to be more sensitive rather than acting like a “king” around the house. Unfortunately Day 4 is a FAIL for the couple when Briana gets sick later from the wild board she ate.

Differences and past grievances are aired out for Julia and Anthony, and they end Day 4 ends up with increased communication and sex.

Day 5 of ‘7 Day of Sex’

Briana goes out shopping with a friend, and Royce hopes that a day out will help her to feel better. Day 5 of ‘7 Days of Sex’ is a DOUBLE success so it makes up for the fail yesterday.

Anthony and Julia decide to combine their bedroom into one. Anthony states, “married couples don’t live this way.” Day 5 is successful in their new combined bedroom.

Day 6 of ‘7 Days of Sex’

Briana decides to pamper Royce with a foot massage. They realize that a good relationship is a combination of give and take. Day 6 of ‘7 Days of Sex’ was a success for Briana and Royce.

Anthony decides to get a tattoo that as a tribute to his wife. He feels that it is a good way to make a permanent statement that he wants to make their relationship work. Day 6 is a success.

Day 7 of ‘7 Days of Sex’ – Recommitment Ceremony

Royce – “At least once a month I promise to take you somewhere nice and romance you. I promise to let you have a day away from the kids at least once a month for a day.”

Briana – “I want to be there for you. I also promise to maintain a sexy appearance at all times. . . at all costs. I want to kick it up a notch in the bedroom.”

Julia – “You are my priority. Our life will be integrated, both in public and in private. No walls or worlds will come between us. I accept you for who you are. Just as I communicate carefully with kindness as a parent, I too shall use the same tender tone with talking to you. I vow to end my envy of Violet (the dog).”

Anthony – “I vow to always think before I speak. I vow to always think of your feelings, and remember to treat you the way I think I would want to be treated. I vow to have a more open mind about the people and things in your life. I vow not to run to my garage anymore like some safe haven whenever I see signs of trouble.” Anthony unveils his tattoo.

Lifetime TV’s ’7 Days of Sex’ Episode 9:


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