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90210 5×03 It’s All Fun and Games Promo and Synopsis

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 10/16/2012



90210 5x03 It's All Fun and Games Promo and Synopsis New, 90210 5×03 It’s All Fun and Games Promo and Synopsis



Here’s The CW’s new Promo and Synopsis for the next episode of 90210. Episode 5×03 of 90210 is titled ‘It’s All Fun and Games.’


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In 90210, 5×03 ‘It’s All Fun and Games,’ Silver has yet to schedule her insemination appointment, and worries that she’ll no longer be attractive after undergoing the preventive surgeries. Adrianna encourages Silver to treat herself to an irresponsible day of fun doing all the things that she won’t be able to do once she becomes a mother. Alec ignores Naomi’s gestures to make nice, so Naomi poses as a wealthy investor and lures him to her yacht for a phony business meeting. The two reach an agreement to get along, and Alec spontaneously kisses Naomi, which she rebuffs. Alec apologizes, but Naomi insists on telling Max, unaware that Alec had planted the kiss to blackmail her. Meanwhile, Annie thinks that Riley is too hard on Dixon, but Riley insists that Dixon needs to change his attitude in order to accelerate his recovery. Liam learns that his video game contract can’t be finalized without Vanessa’s approval, so Annie encourages him to speak with her attorney, Lindsey Beckwith. Liam worries when a detective shows up asking questions about Vanessa’s whereabouts.


90210 returns with episode 5×03 ‘It’s All Fun and Games,’ on Monday, October 22, 2012 at 8pm on The CW.


90210 5×03 It’s All Fun and Games Promo and Synopsis


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