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Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition 1X05 “Sabotage” Preview

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 11/11/2012

Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition 1X05 SabotageAbby’s Ultimate Dance Competition 1X05 “Sabotage” Preview

Original Air Date: 11/6/12. After winning the right to pick all the dance assignments for the week, one mother takes this week’s skill, survival, to heart. Her strategy to sabotage the other dancers by putting them in their weakest areas creates discord amongst the mothers who feel betrayed by her actions. Meanwhile, one dancer struggles with her technique while ignoring her mother’s corrections, which threatens to turn their dance into a real disaster. And, one pair must overcome their physical differences in order to become the perfect dancing machines.

Tune in on November 16, 2012 to Lifetime TV


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