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ABC’s Scandal Season 2 Harrison Scoop and Ratings Report

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/29/2012

ScandalScandal: Harrison related  Season 2 scoop



Here’s some scoop on Scandal from Kristin Dos Santos’ Spoiler Chat Daily for Friday 9/28/12.




The Scandal premiere was soooo good! I need scoop on the rest of the season!!!

According to castmember Columbus Short, you’d better get those oxygen tanks ready. “If you saw season one, it’s going to be bigger, faster, more dramatic, more scandalous, more by the seat of your pants,” he tells us. “Every scene you’re going to be like [gasps for air]. Just be prepared to be short of breath.” As for his character Harrison, Short says that he’ll be developing into something very “interesting,” in his own words. “Harrison is kind of evolving into this all-seeing, all-knowing type of character and it is pretty cool,” he says. “[He's] one of the most dynamic characters I think I’ve played in my career.”



Scandal Ratings Report 

Finally I have a ratings report for all you Scandal fanatics. Listen to me, fanatics, as if it’s some horrible thing to be all into this show. Well, I have a little bad news. If you didn’t know or couldn’t remember, The season one premiere of Scandal opened to 7.5 million viewers, and for ABC, that’s a solid rating. The show then closed season one with 7.55 million viewers. Season 2 of Scandal didn’t go as swimmingly. Scandal lost almost a million audience members, opening it’s second season with 6.74 million viewers. Scandal got crushed by CBS’ “Elementary.”


Let’s hope the show picks up some steam as the Elementary ratings are sure to dip a bit. Scandal Returns in 5 days on Thursday, October 4, 2012 at 10pm on ABC. In Scandal, 2×02 ‘The Other Woman,’ an act of infidelity gets a public figure in trouble. Meanwhile, Cyrus and Fitz face a foreign-policy crisis; Olivia continues to deal with the consequences of a shocking judicial verdict; and Abby has lingering questions.


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