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‘Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter’ Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/24/2012

Abraham Lincoln‘Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter’ Movie Review

Going into ”Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter” my main thought was, “I hope this doesn’t suck because I really liked the book”. I did not go into it thinking it was going to be an Oscar worthy film. I read a couple reviews on ”Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter,” and since I have come to the conclusion that professional movie reviewers do not really know what they are talking about, I took them with a grain of salt. By this I simply mean that good movies get a bad rap because reviewers become jaded over time with what they like and don’t.

If you have read the book “Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter” there are a few differences that may throw you off. But, then again the differences may be completely unnoticeable to you. At any rate I thought that some of the action was pretty entertaining. I have never seen choreography like that with an axe. I mean I am not one that is usually big on fight scenes but watching someone fight with an axe was pretty darn cool.Abraham Lincoln

Yes ”Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter” had vampires in it but, if you look past the obvious fabrications then you do get a brief but nice little history reminder. Abe as a lawyer, becoming the speaker that he was and ultimately President. Him speaking out against slavery, the Civil War, and the Gettysburg Address. Sure it won’t be history class, but if you know your stuff it does put a nice little twist on things.

In my opinion ”Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter” did start to drag in certain parts but, did hold my attention enough that through the whole movie I was fairly entertained. Benjamin Walker to me played a good Abraham Lincoln. His makeup and costume were what I thought it would be. He was reserved enough to come across like the man we all have learned Abraham Lincoln was. Casting in all I thought was done fairly well.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Comes in Third at Box Office

Going into ”Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter” expecting an Oscar worthy film will leave you disappointed. However, going into it with the sheer desire to be entertained for a couple hours while getting a small history lesson and a lot of axe fighting is the best way to go. Those points are well hit upon.

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