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Adam Scott Talks Parks and Rec & His Favorite Moments from Season 4

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/16/2012

Adam ScottHere’s an interview that Adam Scott did with TVLine’s Megan Masters. In the interview, Scott talks about his decision to enter into the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series category instead of the Supporting Actor category for the Emmy’s this year. He also talks about working on Parks and Recreation and what it was like working with all of the guest-stars they had on the show last year, his thoughts on Ben and Leslie’s relationship as well as his favorite moments from season 4. Here’s an excerpt from the article where Adam Scott talks about his decision to enter himself in the Emmys as a Lead Actor:

TVLINE | First things first: Why did you decide to jump from Supporting to Lead Actor this year?
Let’s face it, there’s one true lead on the show, and that’s Amy [Poehler]. But just by virtue of the fact that this season my story coincided with hers for a lot, I thought that I could justify the move and spread [the odds] out a bit since there are a lot of actors on our show — and they’re all equally deserving of recognition. I think this is something that I could do on a season-by-season basis, since maybe next year it wouldn’t be appropriate. But this year, after checking with [creator] Mike [Schur] and Amy and [co-star] Nick [Offerman], I felt like I could swap categories.

TVLINE | Ben is obviously one of Parks’ straight-man personalities. Do you see that as a hindrance Emmy-wise, given that outlandish or quirky characters are more often the ones that bring home the trophy?

That’s a really good question. I don’t know… I do think that one of the blessings ofParks is that Mike and all the writers are so sharp, that even the so-called straight-man characters — which I would say probably comes down to Rashida Jones and me — have their moments of going off the rails. Ben gets nervous around cops, which is areally weird thing! [Laughs] He’s just inappropriately nervous around people in authority positions. So, everyone gets their moment to be a freak, without completely taking the grounded element away from the character. That’s really great writing more than anything, I think.

Link to the full article: Parks and Recreation’s Adam Scott — Emmys 2012 – TVLine

My thoughts: I personally would love to see Adam Scott win the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy series. Next to Tom, Ben Wyatt is my favorite of all the guys on the show. Adam Scott always makes me laugh in pretty much every scene that he’s in. I’m in favor of any actor besides Jim Parsons winning the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy series this year. I love The Big Bang Theory, but Sheldon constantly annoyed the hell out of me this year, and I don’t think that Jim Parsons deserves to win this year.



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