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Airborne Movie Review

Written by   // 08/02/2012

Airborne Movie ReviewAirborne Movie Review By CineMarvellous!

Brief review: After his debut feature film “Cut”, which, back in 2010, claimed to be the the first ever horror film shot in one continuous take, UK director Dominic Burns brings us his second attempt at horror – “Airborne” – a “Twilight Zone” inspired (or more like uninspired) horror thriller, which can be easily labeled as ‘British horror at its worst’ for numerous reasons. From the clumsy direction to the confusing script and dull visuals, everything about “Airborne” screams disaster, not to mention the unlikable, often obnoxious, and badly-acted characters, you couldn’t care about less. Apart from some decent sound effects, the only good thing about this mess of a horror film is its 77-minute running time. However, because of its lackluster execution and rather chaotic plotline, the movie feels twice as long. Set on an airplane, “Airborne” is slightly claustrophobic, but it lacks the most important horror factors such as shocks, thrills and scares, as it desperately tries to cover-up these flaws by throwing in some gore, in order to remind you that you’re watching a horror movie. Unlike “Cut”, “Airborne” is not presented in the popular ‘found footage’ style, but that doesn’t make it more interesting, visually. The poor production values and bland cinematography, combined with the lack of budget and imagination, make “Airborne” very unappealing to the eye, and the overall experience even more painfully tedious.

Overall summary: Amateurishly acted and directed, cheap in feel and look, and lacking in any sort of scares, thrills and suspense, Burns’ uninspired, messy horror wannabe, “Airborne”, should have either gone straight onto the DVD shelves, or better never existed at all.

 CineMarvellous Rating: 2.0 out of 10 Stars

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