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AHS 2×05, I Am Anne Frank Part 2 Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 11/15/2012

American Horror Story

American Horror Story 2×05, ‘I Am Anne Frank Part 2 Recap and Review


So right at the beginning, BAM, we get into the whole flashback scene, and I honestly thought Anne (Charlotte) was going to shoot him. But instead, she’s an idiot and waits. Then the husband comes in and is like ‘Yeah she’s not Anne. She is crazy she like tried to kill our baby..’ Why the absolute fuck didn’t he come earlier then? So then Sister Jude goes to the nazi man and asks about Arden(Grouper) and the nazi man doesn’t know shit. Ok so now we’re in the scene where Kit and Grace are together in the cell and Sister Mary is all like ‘Kit you’re free to go’ and Kit is celebrating on the inside cuz he gets to keep his penis, but then Grace is all like ‘Lol what’s for dinner?’ And Sister Mary is all like ‘Oh yeah, we’re gonna cut up you’re uterus and eggs and vagina, so no food for you!’ So then Grace has her little freak attack. This is where I thought Grace was bloody face because we got a close up on her face and the fact that SHE MURDERED HER FAMILY.


So then we cut to a commercial and Lana takes her pills and that annoying song Dominique comes on. So Thredson is all like ‘Yeah we’re leaving tonite’ this is where I got suspicious because I didn’t think he actually liked her or was really going to do it. The next part is probably the most confusing. So Kit gets sat down with Thredson and Thredson has this crazy dumb technique “listen to yourself say it”. Here’s when I knew that his technique was complete bullshit. I had no idea what he was doing, but I knew it wasn’t any therpistical stuff. Oh but then Alma is preggers with some alien baby. Seriously I watched that and then was like ‘da fuq did I just watch’ Next is when Sister Jude is cleaning up Dr. Arden’s leg wound. So she’s all like ‘No no, let me help you’ and I thought she was going down on him. So they’re talking and talking an Shelley comes up and Mary’s all like ‘I took care of it’ *sinister smile* WHAT THE FUCK? How can you just let that happen? Like-what? I’m not even going to go into depth about Sister Mary, that’s how CRAY she is.


Then that poor little girl got SCARED FOR LIFE as the creature-Shelley tried to walk up the steps. I admire Shelley’s strength (although she is a fictional character). I’m just so confused at how she got to a school playground. Then Charlotte gets recommitted. YAY. The stupid idiot got even stupider. What a stupid head. But then we get to go to Thredson’s home. Lana is saved! Huzzah! We get some wine and we have some small talk, but then I see the lamp. THE LAMP WITH STRETCHED HUMAN SKIN. But it’s ok, because his mint jar is a HUMAN SKULL. Then Lana has to ‘piss’. Ok Lana, whatever you say. But instead of pissing her brains out, she tries to escape (oh, and make a phone call) which fails. Instead, she plummets to Dr. Thredson’s secret underground murder cave. When Lana wakes up, the love of her life is next to her. Wendy! Oh joyous day! Except for the fact that she’s dead and needs dentures. But wait, there’s more! Dr. Thredson puts on his mask of human faces with Wendy’s teeth! How romantic! Can you believe I shipped them???


So final scene, Kit walks in on Grace and her bleeding vagina. How precious. So he calls a doctor, but gets arrested for the murders of women. Thredson’s reverse psychology gimmick worked! 10 points for Oliver! Meanwhile, Dr. Arden is doing crazy shit to the Charlotte chick while Sister Jude prays. Happy ending much? To recap the most important parts: •Kit keeps his penis (thank the gods) •Grace can’t have babies :( •Alma is pregs with alien baby(?) •Lana is in deeeeeep shit •Wendy is deader than a door nail •Dr. Arden is a crazy person (possible nazi) •Sister Mary is possessed •Sister Jude is being fired •Dr. Thredson is ‘64 bloody face Thanks for reading, I know it was long.


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