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American Horror Story 2×07 Dark Cousin Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 11/29/2012

American Horror Story 2x07 Dark Cousin Recap and ReviewAmerican Horror Story Season 2, Episode 7 “Dark Cousin”Recap and Review


This episode of American Horror Story starts with two nuns arriving at Braircliff talking about seeing Lies of the Field. They walk to Grace’s room to see how she is doing. Grace seems to be in a state of shock and imagines seeing the Angel of Death. The nuns then shake her back to consciousness, but Grace does not appreciate that too much. Grace wishes she would just die.


Next, Sister Mary Eunice goes to Dr. Arden. Sister Eunice sternly alerts Dr. Arden that Grace needs to go to a real hospital b/c her “sterilization” was botched and her genitalia has been mutilated beyond repair, thanks to Dr. Arden himself. Dr. Arden demands respect and is about to slap her, but Sister Eunice fights back with a powerful, possibly supernatural force that knocks him against the wall.

Cut to a bakery. Miles is seen trying to make his internal voices go away. They won’t. Miles then notices a slicer and thinks it’s a good idea to try slicing his wrists open with it.

Sister Eunice arrives and sees that Miles will survive his wounds. She then sees a name written in Aramaic on the wall and thinks Miles has summoned a spirit of some kind. She then has him taken to an isolated cell. Later, Frank checks on Miles and he says he does not wish to live anymore.

That night, Miles attempts to undo his stitches. Like Grace, a vision of the Angel of Death appears to him b/c he requested she appear, apparently. The Angel offers to heal Miles and he accepts. Suddenly, Sister Eunice enters and can see the Angel. The Angel acknowledges that she and Sister Eunice are cut from the same cloth since they are cousins. The Angel can also hear a girl who Sister Eunice has taken hostage screaming.

Dr. Arden then looks at Grace and concludes that she has sustained an infection from the hysterectomy he performed on her. Dr. Arden seems to only care for her b/c he will be blaimed if anyone finds out how badly he performed the operation.

Next, a lethargic Lana is raped by Dr. Thredson in his basement. Like the others, the Angel of Death appears before her.

Kit then denies his previous confession and blames psychiatry for him doing it. He really just wants Grace to say she saw Alma. However it seems Kit’s only legal defense is insanity. So, Kit starting hitting himself with a hole puncher and tries to jump out a window.

Back in Dr. Thredson’s basement, Lana converses with the Angel. The Angel spreads her wings and wants to kiss her to possibly kill her, but Lana refuses it for now. Dr. Thredson then emerges and says that killing Lana is the only way he can proceed, but cannot decide how. Lana starts to weep, so Dr. Thredson decides to inoculate her with poison and tells Lana she will be with her girlfriend, Wendy, momentarily.  As he approaches her, Lana looks at a framed picture of Wendy on the table next to the bed, which she subsequently uses to knock Dr. Thredson out with. They fight for a bit and, eventually, Lana pricks Dr. Thredson with the syringe. Lana then chokes Dr. Thredson with her chains and loots his pockets and liberates herself. Naturally, Dr. Thredson isn’t dead.


American Horror Story 2x07 Dark Cousin Recap and Review


Dr. Thredson follows Lana down the stairs, but Lana kicks him and runs off. Lana then gets out of the house and runs in the woods. She eventually comes across a car passing by. Lana gets the driver’s attention and they ride away. The driver asks if she had a fight with her boyfriend. Apparently, this man found his wife cheating on him and is taking it out on Lana. Naturally, he is armed. Lana sees the Angel in the backseat and knows this man is no good to her. The man then kills himself by putting the gun in his mouth and pulling the trigger. Lana tries to take control, but the car then crashes, but Lana survives and wakes up wearing a neck brace….at Braircliff. Sister Eunice welcomes her back.

Then, inside Saul’s hotel room, Sister Jude hears Saul tell her one of the nuns (sister Eunice, no doubt) hurt him. Sister Jude flees to the phone to call the police. The Angel appears with her wings spread, then kisses Saul to take him to the afterlife. Suddenly, Sister Jude notices the alcoholic bottles on the nightstand and a newspaper describing the girl she killed taped to the television showing only static.

Next, the 1949-era Sister Jude (Judy) is awoken by someone knocking on her door. He has come to fire her from the band for missing her performance. She tries to seduce him, but it is not use. He gives her a detective’s card b/c he’s in pursuit of the killer of the little girl in the hit and run Sister Jude committed

1960s Sister Jude then tears up the card, packs in a rush, and hops in her car. She crashes again, this time into a tree outside a convent. Nuns rush out to see her.

In Saul’s hotel room, Sister Jude is drinking liquor and the phone rings. Sister Eunice is calling, claiming to be her conscience. Sister Eunice says that Saul was looking into her hit & run and not to bother coming back to Braircliff since she’s been inside her mind, so she left liquor and a razor for Sister Jude to kill herself with.

Sister Jude then goes into a diner to wash blood off her hands. She then uses the razor to cut her wrist. She falls to the floor in a pool of blood, realizes she has imagined this suicide. She leaves the bathroom, and the Angel is waiting for her, saying she doesn’t judge. Sister Jude remembers when she first saw the Angel after her husband, Casey, left her b/c she found out he gave her syphilis so she is barren. The Angel wants to give her peace finally and Sister Jude is ready to die, but wants to do something first. The waitresses at the diner then suggest they call Braircliff b/c she’s talking to herself.

Sister Jude then goes to the house of the family of the girl she killed, who have just had a new baby. The parents think Sister Jude is her teacher since she says she is a nun. Suddenly, a nurse appears, who is revealed to be Missy, and takes the baby. Apparently, Missy is still alive. Sister Jude explains that Missy’s “death” is why she became a nun, but the parents explain that Missy came home that night with only a few broken bones and never actually died.

Next, Lana wants to speak with Sister Jude. Sister Eunice arrives in her place. Lana says Kit is innocent, Dr. Thredson is insane, and also is Bloody Face. Sister Eunice claims she believes her and gives her pills.

Sister Eunice tells Frank what Lana told her. Frank says Kit has escaped and they are ordered to kill him on sight. We then see Kit breaking into Braircliff.

Next, Grace goes to the bakery with a nun. Kit arrives when Grace is alone. The nun screams when she sees him screams, but then one of Dr; Arden’s mutilated patients comes up behind her and bites the nun who accompanied Grace.The patient then runs after Grace, but Kit kills him with the slicer.

Finally, Frank enters and sees Kit standing over the corpse with blood and weapons on him. Frank wants to kill Kit, but Grace stops him by walking in front of him. Frank shoots and Grace literally takes a bullet for Kit. Suddenly, the Angel appears and Grace agrees to kiss the Angel, thus freeing her.


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