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American Horror Story 2×10 The Name Game Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 01/02/2013


American Horror Story 2×10 The Name Game Recap and Review

This week’s long-awaited post-holiday return of American Horror Story was brought to you by the letters G-L-E-E. We started when Dr. Arden revived Kit on the slab. Apparently, Kit was able to survive several minutes of death without oxygen. Dr. Arden basically lies to him and says the experiment was a failure since the aliens didn’t come (which they did).


We then see what really happened. Dr. Arden saw the now-pregnant Grace. Looking over Grace is Pepper, whose voice has been restored thanks to the alien force. Arden wants to x-ray grace to see what is going on with her sudden pregnancy. Pepper won’t allow this since the aliens have charged her with protecting Grace, and besides, the x-rays won’t penetrate her suddenly impenetrable body. Arden then ants to do a c-section, but Pepper makes the scalpel fly out of his hand. Pepper then delivers an impassioned monologue where she explains to Dr. Arden that while the court blames her when her sister’s husband killed their baby, Arden will be blamed for anything that might happen to Grace. Somehow, none of this diminishes Arden’s rampant arrogance, despite the fact…that… well…Pepper is even talking in the first place.


We then see the return of the Monsignor, who was visited by the Angel of Death last we saw him. He is alive. Sister Eunice tells him that there is a five state wide manhunt for Lee Emerson.  How did the Monsignor survive? Well, according to the sudden flashback, the Angel of Death told him that he has work to do on earth – exorcise Sister Eunice.


Eunice then leaves to supervise the delivery…of a jukebox. Yes, you read that right. It seems Jude’s smashing of the “Dominique” record has had unpredictable repercussions. Sister Eunice introduces the jukebox in the common room, denying that it is cigarette machine. Eunice goes on to credit Sister Jude for this, not so subtly. For the maiden song, Eunice puts on Screamin’ Jay Hawkins version of “I Put a Spell on You.”


Enter Kit. Lana is relieved to see him and alerts him of Dr. Thredson’s escape. Enter Dr. Thredson, looking very professional. He tells Lana’s she’s safe until the baby is born and breast-fed (how very Weeds!) Thredson also wants to keep treating Kip since Eunice gave him a full-time position.  Cue massive gasps.


That evening, the patients are awaken to be searched. Eunice strolls the hallways. Lana complains and Eunice orders hydrotherapy for her. This seems to be totally acceptable punishment for a pregnant woman. Judy then mocks her, which causes Eunice to search her room only to discover….a cucumber.  It seems Judy’s been just as naughty as ever. This means electroshock for her! Eunice even increases the voltage just to teach her some manners.


Cut to Eunice unwrapping the Monsignor’s bandages with pleasure. She is clearly seducing him, but Monsignor sticks with his vows and tries to cast out the devil by pressing a crucifix to her forehead. However, this does nothing but excite the devil and she uses her malevolent force to throw him against the bed. Eunice then pretty much rapes the Monsignor…but It is clear he consents somewhere along the way….with Arden watching in the doorway. Somehow, Arden doesn’t seem so smug at this point. He must be completely falling apart now.


Cut to Jude entering the common, completely zonked out of her mind. She attempts to unplug the jukebox, but doesn’t have the strength. Lana sees her and asks if she knows her name. Jude then orders “The Name Game” on the jukebox. Suddenly, the most polarizing scene of the entire series emerges: a Glee style musical number! The whole gets involved as a dolled-up Jude sings whilst everyone dances in accelerated motion. This is guaranteed to infuriate some and please most viewers of this show. Personally, I think it worked, if not just to give Jude another chance to sing glamorously. It ends suddenly enough to allow Lana to say Jude’s name, which was conveniently told to her in the last scene.



Of course this fun doesn’t last. Eunice goes outside to see Arden about to feed his monsters, including Spivey. Eunice suggests a lobotomy of the transorbital variety for Jude, but Arden refuses. He says the experiment is over and takes out his gun and kills all of the victims of the said experiment. Arden then almost commits suicide as Eunice’s possession has affected him more than anyone would have thought. Eunice tells him he’s pathetic. Arden leans onto Eunice, but she refuses his advances and scoffs off.


Cut to Jude in the bakery playing with the dough, rather than doing anything with it. Monsignor dismisses everyone to talk with Jude. He says she was right about Eunice’s possession and how he failed to exorcise her. The Monsignor is thinking about resigning his post, but Jude just recovers from her state to tell him to just kill her.


Next, Dr. Thredson tells Carl to bring Kit in for his straight jacket session. He then looks for Arden, who is absent. Thredson is looking for sodium pentothal when he hears Grace screaming as Pepper is delivering her baby. Apparently, this is totally normal around here for Thredson.



While the Monsignor is praying, Eunice disrupts him. Eunice wants more sex, but the Monsignor resists her “charms” (if you can even call it that). Of course, she knows that he is trying to kill her. Eunice mocks him, even asks if he’s going to treat her like a rosary as he did with Shelly (who I am missing more and more each episode). Eunice then says that she is going to make all of his career ambitions come true, even making him Pope. He is all her’s, she says. Of course, the Monsignor sees through this. The devil inside Eunice then says she will destroy the last bit of Eunice, which somehow allows Eunice to take over her body. She says she cannot fight anymore and to let the Monsignor let go of her. The Monsignor then pushes her off the stair rails. Eunice falls to the floor. The Angel of Death comes and says she will take both her and the devil as she kisses her.


Cut to the Monsignor praying over her corpse. Dr. Arden enters and says he wants to cremate her. The Monsignor calls that Pagan and anti-Catholic. Arden then gets him to agree since he wants to do it for himself.


Carl then drags Kit to see Thredson for his straight jacket session. Thredson is dong anything he can to make Kit tell him where the tape is hidden, even showing him Grace standing with the baby, her telling him it is his son. Surprisingly, Pepper is nowhere to be seen.  Thredson says it is Kit’s decision where to go next.


Cut to Dr. Thredson going to the communal bath room.  He thinks he will find the tape, instead finding a children’s book. Lana appears and confronts him whilst spoiling the ending for the book. Of course, only Lana knows where it is now and threatens Thredson to leave Kit alone. She’s so plucky, that Lana.


Back in the common room, Jude has recovered from her electro-state when the Mother Superior enters. Jude tells her the Monsignor is going to Rome….with her…to be married…b/c he likes her cooking. As the Mother Superior looks totally confused, Jude then tells her that he also killed Eunice and that Lana needs to be released since she’s not actually insane in anyway. Why it has taken so long for anyone to tell this to the Mother Superior is beyond me.


Meanwhile, Arden is about to cremate Eunice when he suddenly decides he doesn’t want to exist without her, so he gets on top of her Return of the Living Dead-style and lowers them both into the crematorium at the same time. We see the flames from Arden’s POV and hear his screams as the door closes.




Is this the last we shall see of Arden and Eunice? Well, if Grace is any indication, probably not. It seems Jude is becoming more and more of the hero the more go along. I thought she going to be the big villain, but it turns out she is more virtuous and headstrong than just about anyone on the show anymore. Will she be singing in the final three episodes? I hope not. I’m glad they decided to wait until the three week break was over to showcase that one. I could practically hear the sound of thousand of horror hounds tuning out…and Glee fanatics who don’t get how the newly-minted Producer’s Guild nominee American Horror Story could possibly have the same producing team sequel in delight. However, if I wanted to see Glee, I would just watch Glee. It’s as simple as that.  I guess Dylan McDermott returns next week. Something tells me that Grace, not Lana might end up being his mother.


Of course what everyone really wants to know was what was the clue about next season’s location hidden within the episode? I’m sure as long as it doesn’t involve the “Name Game” song, I should be alright with it. Maybe it has to do with Rome? Or maybe it has to do with putting a spell on someone? Voodoo or witchcraft? Either way, it could have some serious Hocus Pocus-style musical potential for Ryan Murphy and his team. Maybe in New Orleans since it is such a bluesy song, or in Salem. Maybe it has to do with the circus since Pepper mentioned being treated like a freak? Of course, Arden did mention the smell of dead nuns with the Monsignor so maybe that has to do with zombies or something.  Whatever it is, I’m up for it as long as Jessica Lange is.


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