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American Horror Story 2×11 Spilt Milk Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 01/09/2013


American Horror Story 2×11 Spilt Milk Recap and Review

This week’s disturbingly sensual American Horror Story begins with an almost out of character sensual moment with Johnny having a smoke while waiting for a prostitute named Pandora to arrive. Pandora arrives wearing a fur coat. Pandora seems especially eager to please Johnny and unleash her breasts upon him. She says wants to mother him. Pandora makes it clear that she saved some of her milk just for him. Johnny leans over to spill her milk, or possibly kill her, whichever comes first (no pun intended). This is probably not going to end well. Opening credits roll.

Dr. Thredson opens Kit’s solitary cell up and tells him to meet his baby. Dr. Thredson says he will do anything for a child’s benefit. Kit is led into the common room to see Grace nursing the baby. Pepper accuses Dr. Thredson of misdeeds, which just causes him to send her to hydrotherapy. Grace gives the baby for Kit to hold. Grace then flashes back to her shooting and says she prayed for death, but a white light came and she was taken somewhere else. Kit asks how the baby grew so quickly. Grace just says that time works pretty rapidly in the alien world and they do make mistakes. We see Grace waking up on the alien probing table as the aliens are putting the baby inside of her.

Cut to an underwater montage showing nude bodies of Kit and Alma coming to the surface. Then, Grace is seen screaming when she comes to the surface. In voiceover, Grace says she is thankful the baby was put into her.

In the common room, Grace tells Kit that he and the baby are special and that the baby has a special destiny. Kit just wants to be a decent father and asks Grace to marry him. Grace accepts. Suddenly, the Monsignor enters with a group of nuns. He identifies one as Sister Collette. They’re there to take the baby. Kit tries to fight, but they take him away. Dr. Thredson offers to help Kit with the loss.

Cut to the bakery, Mother Claudia has arrived to get Lana to help her escape, based upon what Jude told her. She also has Lana’s patient file to back any claims up in case she decides to write an expose. Lana’s clothes and a taxi are waiting for her. Lana suddenly tears a hole open in a bag of flower and takes that infamous recording of Dr. Thredson’s confession from several prior episodes with her. Lana then says farewell to Jude, but promises to return just for her.

Lana then walks down some stairs with the tape hidden in her purse. Dr. Thredson speaks to Kit at the bottom, telling him that Dr. Arden should be blames for Bloody Face’s crimes since he has disappeared. Kit notices Lana talking and distracts Thredson long enough for Lana to get away without notice. Lana leaves just as Kit is promises that he will recover this missing tape.

Mother Claudia then whisks Lana into the cab and hands over the file, just as Thredson is walking out the front door. How convenient. Lana, of course, has the dignity to press the tape against the window and flip Thredson off as she exits.

Cut to Thredson arriving at his house in a panic…..with Lana holding a gun up to him, telling him the police will be there soon. Thredson says that Lana was the one. Thredson then makes himself comfortable and a martini, with Lana still holding the gun.

Cut to Johnny and Pandora. Pandora says Johnny has drained her dry and must have a calcium deficiency. Johnny then decides to tell her that his mother only loved one person…someone else, and definitely not him.

Cut back to Thredson. We see a gun in the drawer as he’s making the martini. Lana asks about Wedny. We then see Thredson having sex with the corpse. He then suggests that Wendy has something to do with Lana’s pregnancy says he burned and scattered the remains.

Cut back to Johnny thinking of his mother and beginning to strangle Pandora.


Cut back to Thredson. The police are arriving. Lana tells him he’ll never see the baby. Thredson just thinks he’ll go to an institution, not the death penalty. Thredson is about to get his gun and kill Lana when Lana beats him to it and shoots him in the face. Glad that’s finally over.

Next, we see Lana going to a mausoleum with some companions to see Wendy’s remains. The police apparently had found a lot of ashes in the furnace. Lana will be moving to NYC and blames her journalistic ambitions getting the best of her in this situation. Gee, ya think? Also, her friend gave her the number of an abortion doctor. Lana then ignores the paparazzi’s clamoring as she exits and tells them the answers will be in her book. What about her rescuing Jude?


Speaking of Jude, we next see the patients lining up for their medicine. Jude has still not recovered from the electroshock therapy and slaps the pills from the nun’s hands, as they apparently rot your brain. More than electro shock I wonder?

Next, the Monsignor reads the screaming headlines of how Briarcliff hired Bloody Face. We then see that reporters are still camped outside. The Monsignor then visits Jude in the common room as she listens to “Love Potion # 9.” He pulls the plus. Jude chastises him of making a deal with the devil and he sends her to solitary. Jude claims she more sane now than ever and won’t let the Monsignor’s ambition get in the way of her God. She is then led away.

In Kit’s cell, Carl arrives and tells him that Lana killed Dr. Thredson. Kit then sees the Monsignor to get his child back, release Grace’s body (seeing as she’s still classified as dead) or he’ll start talking to reporters.

We then see a cab delivering Kit, Grace, and the baby Thomas to Kit’s house, which is still a mess die to the aliens. Don’t those aliens ever clean up their mess? Suddenly they hear a noise coming from another room, only to find Alma holding a baby.

Next, Lana meets with the abortion doctor in a house. The abortion doctor is about to start. Suddenly, Lana thinks of all of the horror she has witnessed and decides she does not want any more death in her life. The doctor then stops.

We then see Lana telling the police everything she knows about the mysterious disappearances. She does still, in fact, want to get Jude out, but learns that Mother Claudia has been transferred away.

We then see the police arriving to the Monsignor, telling them to speak with Jude. The Monsignor tells them that she is dead. Cut to a shot of him discovering Jude hanging from her bedsheets. The Monsignor had her cremated and blames Lana for her death since it took her so long to come back. Lana then leaves.

But all is not what it seems. We see in the bakery, meals are prepared. A single tray is brought to a very deep corner in Briarcliff, probably hidden. The tray is slid into a dark cell where Jude prays with a rosary, more alive than ever.

Meanwhile, Lana gives birth to her baby son. She didn’t want to see him, but he is apparently allergic to formula so the nurse had to bring him for feeding. Lana then decides to nurse him anyway while looking at a crucifix above her bed.


One can only hope the writers have some serious surprises lined up for us these next two weeks. This episode almost started feeling like a finale at times. I loved the directing style that Alfonso Gomez-Rejon did. He’ll be directing the finale and I cannot wait to see what does with that. He has probably been the one director of this show who actually makes the show seem actually creepy.  I am still hoping that Johnny does not turn out to be Lana’s baby and has only been built up to be a red herring.  I think there could still be hope for Jude, after all, the aliens could come back for her, couldn’t they? And I’m still not convinced we’ve seen the last of the dead characters yet. And what about Lee Emerson? I’m sure they might find some room for him in the finale yet. Is there much for Lana to do anymore? She showed how honorable she really is, but backtracked on aborting an unwanted fetus. That can never be good for a child’s self-esteem.  It’ll be interesting to see what she does with that baby. There seemed to be too much blackmail and plot conveniences going on in this episode. Yet, I’m not quite disappointed yet and am ready more next week, mommy.


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