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American Horror Story Season 2 Spoilers from Ryan Murphy

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 01/10/2013

American Horror StoryAmerican Horror Story Season 2 Spoilers from Ryan Murphy


In an Interview with Tim Stack of Entertainment Weekly, Ryan Murphy dropped some hints as to what we can expect to see in episode 2×12, Continuum and 2×13, Madness Ends.




EW’s Tim Stack talks American Horror Story: Asylum with Ryan Murphy on January 10th, 2013:

Was that really Clea DuVall in that flashback?
That was her! There’s a payoff to that scene in the next episode, which is important.


At the end of this episode, Lana gave birth. Does she end up raising the baby?
I can’t reveal that. The next one answers that question of, What happened to her and the baby?


So will these next two episodes be split 50/50 between Briarcliff and the outside world?
Well, the next one I really love is called “Continuum” and we did something that I’ve always wanted to do in a one hour format, which is there’s four acts and each act follows a different character and then it all dovetails together. It’s very novelistic and you really spend time with the characters. There’s a great Kit/Grace/Alma act, there’s a great Jessica and the Angel of Death act, there’s a great Paulson act. The next episode moves you forward from 1965 to 1969/1970.


So, I still don’t fully understand why the aliens have sort of targeted Kit.
We talk about that one in the next episode too. It’s always a weird thing when you write about that alien thing because there’s no rhyme or reason to it. Most of the people that you read who write about this experience say there is something about them that other life forces are interested in. And to me it always came down to empathy. There’s a very famous case about a mixed marriage couple that were kidnapped and they believed they were studied because they were very forward figures. But why do aliens kidnap people? Who knows? But we talk about it in the next episode, at least we answer it from why our characters think they were.


Grace’s recollections of her abduction with the water were really striking. How did you all come up with that concept?
Well, in the writing it started with this whole amniotic idea, which is also researched. But for the most part, the design and the schematics and the color were just all the brilliance of Alfonso.

I find a lot of people who love the alien stuff this year and a lot who don’t. It’s very polarizing and I think the reason it’s polarizing is it’s not nor is it ever intended to be cut or dry. I think with a show like this all of the other things we write about are very close-ended. I was always drawn to this field because I didn’t think there was a conclusion other than a point of view. I also think the alien thing and how it started to be reported in the media and the UFO sightings to me was a very ‘60s/social progression thing. I thought it was interesting that flurry of activity really came out around the time of civil rights and it is a weird metaphor for a lot of that stuff which you’ll see in the next episode.


It seems like the beginning of the end for Briarcliff and the Monsignor. Is this the beginning of the end for him?
I mean, never underestimate a Machiavellian priest. There’s no more wily species on the planet. I think that’s one of the great cliffhangers people will tune in to see: does he get away with it or not? Is order restored? Is evil punished? I think the interesting thing about American Horror Story is it doesn’t always take sides or offer conclusions completely.



It’s interesting that Ryan Murphy called the scene in 2×12 Continuum with Clea DuVall “important” because he also hints later that there are brief clues in these last two episodes of American Horror Story to what Season 3 will be about. According to a prior interview, Murphy says the hints started in 2×10, “The Name Game.” So, have you put all the clues together yet? Let me know because I am still totally clueless.


American Horror Story: Asylum returns to FX on January 16th, 2013 with 2×12, Continuum at 10:/9: Central.


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