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American Horror Story 2×12 Continuum Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 01/16/2013


American Horror Story 2×12 Continuum Recap and Review

Tonight’s penultimate season episode of American Horror Story starts in 1967 in Kit’s house. It is dark. We see two sets of family photos with kit and the two wives, Grace and Alma. Suddenly, sounds are heard. We then see Kit covered in blood, standing over a figure holding an axe saturated with blood.


Cut to: the past. It is day time. We see Grace drawing a picture of the aliens as Julia and Thomas play with each other. Kit comes home from work and greets his wives. Kit is excited about a march.


That evening, Alma tells Kit that grace is obsessed with the aliens and her abduction. Alma thinks Kit should talk to her more.


Kit then goes to Grace’s room, Grace is drawing another alien. Grace says is afraid of the feelings she felt when she killed her family, but Kit says she is in a different place now. Alma then hears them making love. Then, everything goes dark. Grace thinks the aliens have come back. Alas, they have not. Instead, Billy is driving away in a truck after throwing a Molotov cocktail into their room through the window. They try to go the police, but the local police don’t look too kindly on polygamy. Grace then cries in her room b/c she thought it was the aliens.


A few days later, Grace gets Alma angry b/c she won’t stop talking about aliens. Grace seriously believes they’ll come back for Kit and the children. Alma thinks she had it better before Kit brought Grace to the home. Grace then asks Alma if her daughter will grow up to be ashamed of, Alma slaps her. Kit enters from chopping wood with his big axe and calls a meeting. However, Grace is having none of it and leaves.


During the night, Kit and Alma get out of bed and catch Grace drawing aliens in the living room. Grace says she loves everyone, but needs to focus on the future and not live in isolation. Grace is about to go further, but Alma stabs her in the back with an axe. Kit fights Alma off and goes back for Grace, but she is dead (for real, this time). Kit does manage to get the axe, which is what we saw at the beginning.



We then jump to 1968 at Briarcliff. Pepper and Jude are playing Candyland with others. A newscast comes on to announce the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. (good scheduling timing, FX!) Jude alerts Pepper that a certain patient’s medications need to be adjusted since she is running everything from the inside.


The Monsignor asks to speak with Jude, who is now referred to as Betty Drake. The Monsignor has gotten his promotion and will now be a cardinal. But this is not all. The church is giving up on Briarcliff and making it into jail overflow. He tells Jude that she will be released before that happens.


Cut to the bakery. Jude is frightened to see that one of the first inmates transferred is the Angel of Death, who is apparently now a living, swearing, hard-living being. She does allow Jude to run the place with her from the inside. Jude is just afraid that she has come to murder her. Pepper then warns Jude not to trust the Monsignor too much. We then see that Alma is a new inmate transferred in.


At night, Jude is taken to her room and shown that she is now roommates with the Angel of Death. The Angel says that everything in the room is now hers, with Jude along with it. The Angel approaches Jude. Jude claims that she didn’t ask for this and warns her to keep away from her.


Cut to the next morning. The Angel walks into the common room. She tells a male patient that he was supposed to give her his medication. The Angel then stabs him with a shiv and blows Jude a very creepy kiss.


That night, Jude wakes up to see the Angel in her formal outfit, about to give her the kiss of death. Jude fights her off. When the guards arrive, Jude is beating up an inmate, but it someone who is not the Angel!


Next, we see Jude being put into Dr. Miranda Crump’s office in a straight jacket. Jude is in a daze. Dr. Crump tells her that she has hurt five roommates in two months. Jude asks about the Monsignor and his promise of release, but is told he became Cardinal 2 1/2 years prior, when the church gave away Briarcliff, though Jude claims she spoke to him the previous Monday. Jude then asks about Pepper and is told that Pepper died in the winter of 1966.


We then jump to 1969. Lana is introduced as a speaker at a book store. Her book, “Maniac: the Story of One Woman’s Survival,” has been an instant best seller for ten weeks now. She reads a passage about being down in Dr. Thredson’s basement and being introduced to another woman who was be their new toy. This, of course, didn’t happen. She then imagines Dr Thredson getting up out of the audience and calling her a lair and adding that to sell more books. Lana claims that she is boiling the experience down to its essence. She then imagines Wendy getting up, accusing her of making her seem irrelevant. Dr. Thredson then accuses her of only wanting fame. Lana then comes to her senses and cries, while the audience applauds.


Lana is then signing books. She then chastises her assistant for bringing her warmed Tab with no almonds, like every famous author would. Lana looks u to see Kit approaching her for an autograph. Lana apologizes about Grace. She wanted to write but she’s been busy selling the film rights to the book.


They then go for coffee. Lana just wants to talk about herself and her new book subject: Lee Emerson, who killed seven nuns after we last saw him. Kit asks why and Lana claims that she understands the male psyche better than anyone. Kit reminds her that she once said she would bring Briarcliff and get Jude out. Lana just quips that people change.


We then see Kit visiting Alma in Briarcliff. There is a patient playing with his catheter and a pair of inmates having sex.


We then see Lana and Kit again. Lana never knew Alma was ever there.


Cut back to Briarcliff when Kit is standing over Alma’s deathbed. Alma’s heart has stopped, but Kit apologizes for being such a failure to her and to try to make it right.


Flashback to Lana and Kit. Kit mentions that Jude is still there. Lana still thinks she is dead b/c she was told so. However, Kit tells her that he saw her there alive.


Flashback to Briarcliff. The experience there is the worst yet. Inmates are everywhere. Filth is everywhere. Jude goes to the common room to watch her favorite program, “The Flying Nun.” Jude thinks it’s her story being told since she thinks she can fly now. Kit approaches her, but Jude ignores him. Jude rocks in the chair, most insanely.


Flashback to Lana. Lana says the Monsignor told her that Jude had committed suicide. Kit is adamant that Lana use her media power to get the place shut down for good. At the moment, Lana’s assistant interrupts to bring her back to the book signing. Kit goes to his truck. As he drives off, we see Johnny smoking some bad looking crack in his car.


Cut to Johnny going into a bookstore that is about to go out of business.  Johnny wants to buy “Maniac.” Johnny tells the female clerk to her price. The clerk says that the copy is special to her as it is her mother’s personal copy, so it is not for sale. Johnny claims to be Lana’s son. The clerk says that Lana’s only child died during childbirth. Johnny still asks to see the book. The clerk shows it to him, then puts it away hastily. Johnny says that he is destined to meet Lana and tell her that he didn’t die when he threw him into a dumpster. He then states that when Lana realizes what she has done to him, he will shoot her with his pistol. Johnny wants to complete his father’s work by reading the book first. Somehow, this inspires the clerk to give it to him.



I don’t even know what to say now.  This might be the first time this whole season that I’ve felt that there are, in fact, too many stories happening at once. The aliens thing may have gone too far. I don’t believe that Alma would go to such lengths. However, I do believe that the Monsignor would abandon Jude in the asylum. Lana’s sudden bitchiness isn’t too much of a leap of faith. This was definitely one of the weakest episodes of the season, I must say. I really don’t like how they are handling Jude’s story now. Also, it doesn’t make much sense to have her suddenly lapse into insanity. Her thinking that the Angel of Death is every single roommate is too much to suspend disbelief. The Flying Nun reference was too predictable. I can only hope they give her a proper ending next week. I am also wondering what happened to Kit’s children? That wasn’t dealt with well either. Johnny’s story is starting to feel a bit redundant. I no longer really care if he is actually Lana’s son. I wonder if Lana is even still alive in the present day. Why hasn’t Johnny bothered to read that damn book in 48 years? How did he even find out that he might be her son? And where is Kit in the present day? I’m betting some of this and more will be revealed next week. I must say that if they end a story with another alien abduction, I will have no choice but to declare it a major disappointment in a season that has all but set itself up as such.


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