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American Horror Story Asylum First Look: Evan Peters, Zachery Quinto, Adam Levine, Sarah Paulson & Jessica Lange

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/29/2012

 American Horror Story Asylum First LookHere are some great first looks from American Horror Story Asylum!


It looks like Evan Peters will be back to his crazy American Horror Story Self. I’m guessing a mass murderer — or something along those lines considering the shackles. Or maybe this year Ryan Murphy throws us a curve ball and he’s falsely accused? He does look quite bewildered in this first look.


Other “American Horror Story: Asylum” Observations


Zachary Quinto looks like some sort of administrator. Maybe he does the books at the Asylum while looking the other way? He is defiantly not a patient – although, you can never be sure.


Adam Levine looks like some sort of investigative journalist, ready to take the Asylum down for its evil tactics. He’s got the camera in toe and all. Plus his outfit screams liberal journalist, does it not?


Sarah Paulson could be anything and anyone. Perhaps a reporter covering Evan Peters the mass murderer? She is well dressed and standing with the nuns, so we know she isn’t a patient. My guess is that if she worked there, she wouldn’t have her purse on her body. She is visiting the Asylum I think and rather curious, isn’t she?


Jessica Lange is obviously and it has been spoiled, she is the Nun, the head nun in fact. And judging by that whipping stick, she is the worst kind of Nun. The nun who is a devil in disguise. She is sporting the most cheeky grin on that cover too, suggesting, ‘Wait till you see me in action. I’m ready to shock you all, again.’


The first episode of American Horror Story Asylum, will premiere on October 17th, 2012 at 10pm on FX. Be there or be totally square.



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 American Horror Story Asylum

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