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An Amazing Dream: The Story of the Greatest Basketball Team Ever Assembled

Written by   // 06/15/2012

An Amazing Dream

The Dream Team, a collection of NBA Super Ballers’ united to return Olympic Gold back to its rightful owners; The United States of America… sounds like something right out of a silly comic-book-movie right?! Well twenty years ago it actually happened, the best basketball team ever assembled joined together, and took on the world, quite literally. In 1992, arguably the greatest hoop team ever assembled, anywhere, anytime, won Olympic Gold in Barcelona, and sold a ton of merchandise in the process. Now, thanks to NBA TV we now have their story, and to be quite honest, it’s truly Amazing; Spider-Man, has his hands full.


With the NBA Finals in full swing, and another year of debating who’s greater almost over (Lebron/Kobe/Durant/Dirk), the NBA has released a documentary based upon the 1992 Olympic Basketball Team, and reminded many of us, of why we fell in love with basketball, and sports, in the first place; Athletes’ remind us that its okay to be great, at something, at anything. And in some cases everything.


In 1988 the United States lost the Gold Medal game to Russia, when that happened it dawned on the Basketball world that perhaps professionals, should face professionals’; up until that point only college basketball players had been selected, in honor of Olympic rules regarding amateur status’… basically NBA Ballers were long considered to good. Not true regarding Soccer, Tennis, & Track-&-Field, the best of the best always went. And now that would be true regarding Basketball as well; if it would be turned into a world class sport, then it would have to showcase that it had world class athletes’, and the Dream Team did not disappoint. What the Dream Team documentary does, is allows us The Fan, a look at the behind–the-scenes games (on the court, & off) that we didn’t get to see.


An Amazing DreamThe Legendary Dream Team tapes have been the stuff of legend. Up until this point, we’ve only heard about the game versus the college kids (Weber, Penny Hardaway, Bobby Hurley, and more) where the college kids went crazy and beat Jordan, & Magic & Larry!? But to see Bobby Hurley talk about taking lane, on his heroes, it’s worth the price of admission. We all know that Michael is considered the greatest player ever to lace up; but to now have confirmation, from Michael, and Magic, Yes, & it counts!!! To know that Karl Malone, & Sir Charles challenged one another for world dominance; are U kidding me, it’s the stuff every kid, on every court, every summer ,of that era every envisioned; Spectacular!!! The Dream Team documentary tells us what the players’ were feeling, shows us the media circus that followed these guys everywhere, and even reminds us that Michael Jordan was to be feared as well as loved; he and Pippen did plot to take down Tony Kukoc, Amazing!!!


An Amazing DreamYes, The Dream Team Documentary does remind one of so-called simpler times; it doesn’t get into the full on marketing blitz, and product tie-ins that would make even the great Tony Stark say ‘damn, how much money did y’all spend??? & Make!?!’ It does however remind us of what Athletes’, are required to do at all times, have fun. And that’s not amazing, its Fantastic!!! Good luck Spider-Man, while many may buy tickets to your movie, I’m not sure how many, will be buying your shoes. ‘Cause I gotta say, that after watching the Dream Team, talk about winning the gold, I still wanna be like Mike, and Larry, and Magic…and Scottie, and David, and Barkley, and Malone, and Mullin, and Ewing, and Drexler, and Stockton, hell I’d even carry bags like Laettner. It had to be Amazing!!!





Here’s a trailer for The Dream Team re-airing on NBA TV Friday June  15th @ 10:30pm & Sunday June 17th @ 12:00pm




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