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Anger Management: Episode 2 Recap

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/30/2012

anger managementAnger Management: Episode 2 Recap – Charlie Sheen is proving himself to still be an amazing and comedic actor, time and time again!

Let me just start by saying that in this episode of Anger Management we see a lot of the antics that Sheen is known for, such as being superficial, and dating women based solely on their looks. This becomes blatantly evident when Charlie Goodson’s ex-wife, Jennifer Goodson and daughter Sam Goodson, accidentally crash Charlie’s date and witness the bustier, younger woman dressed in a low cut dress, with a completely ditzy personality. He is clearly just out with her for her looks, because this girl has the mental capacity of a pre-schooler, referring to drinks in the form of primary colors.

That’s okay though, because Charlie Goodson gets the payback of a lifetime! Charlie announces to his in home therapy group, that they will be joined by a new patient today, Mel, (played by Kerri Kenney) and that he’s sure she will fit in perfectly. As Mel walks in, it is clear that she is a little “off.” Charlie introduces the group to Mel and vice versa, and tells Mel she can observe for the day to get a feeling for how the group in run. Well, that wasn’t good enough for Mel and she jumps right in to tell her story.anger management

Mel starts by telling everyone where she’s from, Beloit, Wisconsin and that she used to hang out at Nate’s, a local restaurant. Charlie chimes in telling Mel how he played baseball in Beloit and how Nate’s had “killer apple pie.” Mel smiles and continues her story, she’s been struggling with anger since then, because a baseball player from out of town hooked up with her, told her how beautiful she was, and then never called again! Does this sound like someone we know? And of course, the Charlie we all know appears, “Oh, Beloit? Maybe I didn’t play ball there and I have an allergy to apples.” Mel says she didn’t mind being used, it was the fact that she became the laughing stock of the town after they all learned of the term, “Slugbuster.” A slugbuster is a term used to describe the ugliest girl a baseball player with a hitting slump, can find to sleep with, and if he does it will superstisously help them overcome their slump. Needless to say, Mel confronts Charlie, begging him to tell her if she was his slugbuster or just an ugly girl he slept with.

This episode of Anger Management is jam packed with hilarious outburts from Kerri Kenney, Mel, who clearly has fantasized about Sheen, Charlie Goodson, since the night they hooked up. He denies that she was his slugbuster and to prove it, he asks her on a date. In fear of going out in public with this eccentric girl from his past, he offers to make her dinner in his home. Kate, played by Selma Blair, Charlie’s therapist, best friend, and lover tries to convince Charlie otherwise, pointing out that it has been fifteen years since he met Mel, and she clearly has an unhealthy obsession with him. I mean c’mon, she tracked him down, found out that he was an Anger Management therapist and joined his private in home group, in order to confront him!

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Needless to say, the whole episode of Anger Management is one crazy mishap after the next! Mel and Charlie end up hanging out with his ex-wife and daughter! She tries to seduce Charlie in his kitchen! Charlie breaks down and tells her the truth, that yes, she was his slugbuster, but to make it up to her promises to go to her home town and walk around town holding her hand, forcing people in town to think that she was never his slugbuster!

It was definitely an eventful episode, full of laughter and some cringing!! You actually find yourself feeling sorry for Charlie! I’ll tell you, if someone did just a few of the things to me that Mel did to Charlie, I would have been running to the police station begging for a protective order!

Charlie Sheen is proving himself to still be an amazing and comedic actor, time and time again he had me cracking up!

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