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Anger Management: Episode 3 Recap & Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/06/2012

anger managementAnger Management: Episode 3 Recap and Review

When Charlie Goodson’s(Charlie Sheen) ex-wife, Jennifer Goodson (Shawnee Smith), is sleep deprived from a long trip home, she begins telling Charlie the truth about many things that an ex-wife should NEVER tell her ex-husband, which gives Charlie an idea! When Charlie’s Anger Management group comes in for therapy, he announces that they all have a chance to participate in a weekend sleep deprivation study. Charlie believes that this will “advance the frontiers of psychological study, by stripping away defenses to the point where inhibitions come down the truth comes out.”

anger managementIn order for Charlie to properly conduct his study, he needs to be able to sleep periodically, but his patients need to be kept awake, so, Kate (played by Selma Blair,) agrees to step in for him and observe the group. But, twenty-four hours in Kate bails out to rush to the hospital for an emergency. There are different stages in sleep deprivation, and as Kate is telling Charlie that she can’t help him, he is showing the third stage, “unsubstantial euphoria.”

Later on, as the clients become more deprived, Lacey (Noureen DeWulf,) tries to put the moves on Charlie in the kitchen! Charlie then decides it is time to start to session, seeing as Lacey has shown so many signs of deprivation. During the session, Lacey most definitely “lets go of her inhibitions,” as she tries to seduce Charlie again by talking about her sexual exploits and sitting provocitavely. Nolan gets upset over Lacey’s sexual behavior. Patrick tries to get upset and have a breakdown, but cannot feel anything “real.” And then, Charlie loses his objectiveness and begins yelling at Ed, and refers to him as “Dad.” Kate walks in just as everyone storms off in their own directions and Charlie is standing there, alone, clearly confused as to why he called Ed,” dad.”

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The next morning after everyone has slept, Lacey apologizes to Charlie for her behavior and she admits that she acts out sexually because her father walked out on her as a child. Charlie tells her that even though we may have issues in our past, that we can move past them.anger management

The person that this study clearly helped the most though, was Charlie Goodson, himself. Charlie realizes that this study has really been about him the whole time. Through the sleep deprivation study, he finds out that all he has ever wanted was for his dad to be proud of him. He realizes that he just wants recognition from his father and has never gotten it, and that he has never been able to admit this to anyone else, or himself.

This episode was hilarious, and the cast had some crazy outbursts, but the serious and emotional sides of most of the cast were revealed to us, and that was really important. It truly helps us as the audience, connect with the characters of Anger Management. This episode, “Charlie Tries Sleep Deprivation,” was definitely one that I could watch over and over again!


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