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Archer 5×04 House Call Press Release

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 02/01/2014

Pam PooveyArcher 5×04 House Call Press Release


Archer 5×04 is going to be amazing!! So earlier in the season we saw I.S.I.S get busted by the feds, and to get the agency back on it’s feet, Mallory had decided to sell a cache of drugs in her possession.  As we saw how crucial it was for Pam to be the mule, the body cast she had to wear became to tempting, and eating it was the only option! Thus began her trek into consuming any and all drugs that came her way… even going as far as buying from the Yakuza.  So what’s Archer to do, but stage an intervention with the highly volatile Pam, right?


Archer 5×04 House Call Press Release

Episode 4 / Production #504 – “Archer Vice: House Call” (Airs February 3, 10:00 pm e/p) – Archer has to stage an intervention for Pam that gets derailed by an unwanted guest. Written by Adam Reed.


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