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‘Arrested Development’ Returns For 10 New Episodes

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/11/2012

Arrested Development‘Arrested Development’ will be returning for a 10 episode season. The ten new episodes will be available exclusively through Netflix.

Last night Ron Howard gave the world big confirmation that ‘Arrested Development’ will be resurrected for a 10 episodes available through Netflix. Now we have heard huge rumors about this resurrection, but it wasn’t until last night that Ron Howard gave everyone official verification via Twitter.

Ron Howard tweeted, “It’s ALIVE! This is what the writer’s room looks like” and “Mitch let Jason and I in on some of the twists and turns ahead. Hilarious.” He tweeted a photo of the Writers’ Room covered in colored coordinated papers with ideas for the show (too bad we can’t zoom in enough to see them). He also sent out a photo of himself, Jason Bateman, and Mitch Hurwitz.

In 2011 Netflix lost over 800,000 subscribers over a three month period. A price hike as high as 60% was added to some subscriber packages. Many customers were outraged over the drastic price hike and the handling of the matter.

Arrested Development

Writer’s Room

In an effort to increase viewership Netflix has started making television series that are exclusive to its customers. ‘Arrested Development’ has a faithful following of fans who have missed their beloved television series. This has the makings to be a great investment for Netflix.

The episodes in the making will be for Season 4 of ‘Arrested Development.’ The plan is to release all ten episodes all at once through Netflix sometime in 2013.



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