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Arrow 1×13 Betrayal, Tommy Merlyn Spoilers and The Black Canary

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 01/16/2013

ArrowArrow 1×13 Betrayal, Tommy Merlyn Spoilers and The Black Canary


Here’s a great look into the future of Arrow on The CW. ET’s Jarett Wieselman got the scoop on The Black Canary and more, January 15th, 2013, from Andrew Kreisberg, executive producer of Arrow.



ET Online asked about the relationship between Oliver Queen and Tommy Merlyn in Arrow:

Kreisberg: You see how close they are, especially in the pilot. For all of Tommy’s selfishness, he loves Oliver like a brother. There’s a scene in an upcoming episode where it’s Tommy’s birthday and he’s saying that this is the best year of my life because he got his best friend back. I got a little misty writing that scene because you know that these friends are destined for tragedy.


ETonline: When you were auditioning actors for Tommy, who could potentially become a big villain, or Laurel, who could potentially become The Black Canary, did you test them to see if they’re capable of also pulling off, what is ostensibly, a second character?

Kreisberg: Yeah. I mean, we knew neither of those characters were going to be [going that route] right away and since it wasn’t front and center, we wanted to find the best people to play those characters right now. But in both of those cases, we saw that Colin [Donnell, who plays Tommy] is a good looking guy and has a little bit of that darkness in him that one day, should we go in that direction, let us know he could play that villain. And with Katie [Cassidy, who plays Laurel], we’d seen the work she’d done on Supernatural and Harper’s Island, so we knew that she was a great actress but should we need her to kick ass, she can do so. Also, when you see episode 13, Betrayal, you’ll see a little bit of the pre-Canary in action. Which fans should love.



Arrow returns with 1×10, ‘Burned,’ on Wednesday, January 16, 2013 at 8:/7 Central, on The CW. Episode 1×13 is scheduled to air on February 6th, 2013.


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