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Arrow, 1×15 Colton Haynes Character Details!

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 02/11/2013

Arrow, 1x15 Colton Haynes Character Details!Arrow, Colton Haynes Details!




Here’s some new Arrow scoop from Zap 2 It’s Carina Adly Mackenzie’s 10 Spoilers February 11, 2013 Post.





“Teen Wolf” star Colton Haynes makes his debut as Roy Harper next week. In the comic books, Roy struggles with major issues like HIV and addiction — but so far, Haynes’ version of the character doesn’t go quite so dark. Roy is from the Glades, the shadiest part of Starling City, and he meets Thea when he steals her purse. She chases him down in more ways than one! Despite his less-than-gentlemanly introduction, Willa Holland tells us that it’s Thea who actually ends up pursuing Roy romantically, not the other way around. In upcoming episodes, the Glades become very important, and Roy serves as a key figure in that world.


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