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B.J. Novak not returning full-time for season 9 of The Office

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/28/2012

BJ Novak Leaving The Office 2012

The Office: B.J. Novak not returning full-time for season 9

According to TVLine’s Megan Masters, B.J. Novak won’t be returning to The Office for season 9 as a series regular now that he’s no longer under contract with the series producer Universal TV. Here’s an excerpt from article, which gives some scoop on B.J. Novak‘s future with the show:


Per TV Guide Magazine, the actor — who has also served as a writer and producer on the NBC comedy since its 2005 debut — is no longer under contract with series producer Universal TV, and as such has opted not to stay on board as a series regular.


Novak, however, is still scheduled to make recurring appearances in Season 9, and could possibly continue to write and direct episodes. His status change comes on the heels of Mindy Kaling’s Office exit (to star in the new Fox comedy The Mindy Project), the departure of James Spader and the promotion of Catherine Tate to series regular.


Link to the full article: B.J. Novak Leaves The Office Full-Time, Robbie Jones Cast In Necessary Roughness Season 2 – TVLine


My thoughts: I’m honestly glad that B. J. Novak won’t be a series regular next season, because I feel like the character Ryan has run its course, and I think he should have been written off the show several seasons ago. I’m okay with the possibility of B.J. Novak making the occasional appearance on the show though. Novak has written some of my favorite episodes, so I hope that he continues to write episodes for the show from time to time.


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