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Bachelorette Review: Down to Final Four

Written by   // 06/27/2012

BacheloretteThe Bachelorette Review: Down to Final Four

This week on ‘The Bachelorette‘ Emily Maynard narrowed her list of potential husbands down to four as she sent Doug and John packing. This comes as no surprise to those following the show as Doug could barely form words – let alone coherent sentences – around Emily, and John has gotten less camera time than Ricki (Emily’s daughter) this season.

Thankfully, since the show left Charlotte, it has regained some of its original charm. You know, where a bunch of good looking people try to win the heart of another good looking person. America never tires of this process and it’s the reason The Bachelor franchise has been so successful. However, the first few weeks this year, felt way too much like “Who Wants To Be A Stepfather.”

Now, don’t get me wrong. Nobody loves Emily Maynard more than me. From the second she got out of the limo during Brad’s (2nd) season as the Bachelor I was hooked. The woman blends together the most amazing combination of stunning beauty, southern charm, and quick wit that I’ve ever seen on reality TV. Obviously, to her, this season is as much about finding a potential father to her children – both current and future – as it is about finding a lover.Bachelorette

However, the first few weeks pounded this fact into the ground to the point that the show seemed like the dialogue had already been written. Asking a bunch of good looking single guys to profess their unending love and support for a child that both isn’t theirs, and whom they’ve never met, is a bit of a stretch.

As a guy, I’ve said a lot of things to girls because they were the right thing to say, not because I felt them. Anyone who’s had even a high school girlfriend knows how this works. You meet a beautiful girl at a party, things are going good and the path is clear for you. Then she says something about how she loves cats so much and doesn’t understand all the hype about dogs. In that moment you have a choice; say what you really feel and risk not getting the girl, or say something she’ll like and keep moving forward.

Bachelors and Bachelorettes are put in this scenario quicker and on a larger scale than any of us. And Emily Maynard has presented the greatest challenge to date.

Again, I’m not saying the guys are lying when they say they’d love to be a father to Ricki, I’m saying it is literally impossible to say that about a child you’ve never met. I love this show and the entire franchise but the beginning of this season was a little rough, even for me. But then Emily would smile and show up in a dress that would make Helen Of Troy feel self-conscious and I would move on.

BacheloretteThis week in Prague, I believe the show had its most “normal” week. Emily went on several dates, made some romantic connections and broke a few hearts.

The absolute highlight for me was watching Doug get sent home. From Day 1 I haven’t been a fan of Doug. There was something about his face that seemed off to me. Like every move he made and word he said was a façade. I was also a little creeped out by how he played up his “advantage” of being a father so much. It made him look down on the younger Bachelor’s and give him an inflated sense of self-worth that was clearly not mimicked by the rest of the house. The coup-de-grace for me was when he and Emily wrote a letter to Doug’s son. The quote I remember was Emily writing “I hope that we can play with Legos very soon.”


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This didn’t bother me until talking with one of my friends who reminded me that Doug’s son is 12 years old!! Who talks to a 12 year old like that? 12 year old boys should be past Legos and onto Xbox or something. From then on I focused on Doug when he brought up his son and it just kept sounding like he was a 5 year old. The only conclusion I can come up with is that he tried to make his son sound like he was Ricki’s age so Emily would see him as a good Dad for a kid her daughter’s age. Not cool man. Although after listening to him mumble sounds around Emily it’s very possible his kid plays with Legos because that’s what Doug does in his spare time.

Regardless, Arie and Sean are still the frontrunners and jockeying for position. Chris is only still around so she can get rid of him next week. And Jef is the sacrificial lamb who is actually lucky because he won’t have to get his proposal denied on National TV.Bachelorette

I’m looking forward to the hometown dates on ‘The Bachelorette‘ this week because Arie is going to take Emily to Fountain Hills, AZ which just so happens to be my hometown! When you see the beautiful fountain, you’ll know. Despite this, I’m still cheering for Sean because he’s on my team in the Bachelorette Fantasy League I created with my buddies. But that’s another story.


The Bachelorette in Prague:



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