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Barry Sloane Predicts a Cold Dark Winter for Revenge

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 12/13/2012

RevengeBarry Sloane Predicts a Cold Dark Winter for Revenge



Here’s the inside scoop on the Second half of Revenge Season 2, from Barry Sloane, brought to us  Kelsea Stahler staff writer for  December 6th, 2012.






Barry Sloane Fills us in on the Cold Winter of our Revenge:

It’s clear that Ashley consistently wants what Emily has – maybe due to the way in which Emily saved her from a Russian prostitution ring back in 2006 – and now that she’s lost Daniel, what’s to keep her from going after Aidan while Emily enters into a reconnaissance relationship with Daniel?
It’s just one of the pieces of the puzzle of Season 2’s second half, which Sloane says has “a dark energy.” And it certainly will for Aidan, who’s going to get wrapped up in the Initiative, big time. “Aidan himself is getting mixed up with Initiative a lot and getting himself in a lot of danger … I think some of those questions [about the Initiative] are going to start getting answered soon … [Daniel’s] now the go-to guy, and I think with Daniel being so young, it’s kind of like candy from a baby,” he says.



Revenge returns with 2×10, ‘Power,’ January 6, 2013 at 9/8c on ABC.


 Revenge Episode 2×10 “Power” Promo video


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