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Beckett’s Role In Tonight’s Episode of Castle

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 02/18/2013

Beckett's Role In Tonight's Episode of CastleBeckett’s Role In Tonight’s Episode of Castle



Here’s some new Castle scoop from Executive Producer Andrew Marlowe. He breaks down Kate Beckett’s role in tonights episode of Castle, 5×15 ‘Target.’



Tell me about Beckett’s role in this one, where she has to be both a support system to a troubled father and a detective.

It’s incredibly tough to have somebody that you care about going through something harrowing and trying to walk the line between being supportive and doing the job. This is a woman who wants to do everything she can to make sure that they get Alexis back safely. Emotions are running incredibly high with both of them and she’s doing everything she can to support Castle. There’s some really tremendous scenes between the two of them — really tender and emotionally tough scenes between the two characters that I think, hopefully, audiences will dig.


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