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Behind The Scenes Look At ‘The Great Escape’

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/01/2012

TNT, The Great Escape, Alcatraz, USS HornetTNT is premiering a new adventure-reality series on Sunday, June 24, at 10 p.m. (ET/PT). Competitors will attempt to escape Alcatraz and the USS Hornet for a large cash prize.



The Great Escape‘ brought together some of the most brilliant puzzle makers to create some unique challenges for the contestants on this new adventure-reality series. The locations of Alcatraz and the USS Hornet are, “completely intimidating,” according to the producers of ‘The Great Escape.’

The competitors of ‘The Great Escape‘ face a range of emotions during their escape, ranging from fear to exhilaration. The adventure series is also staffed by security guards, and if any of the competitors get caught escaping, they have to start from scratch.

The Great Escape, TNT, Alcatraz, USS Hornet

The Emmy winning producers of ‘The Amazing Race’ and the Oscar- and Emmy-winning producers of ‘Apollo 13,’ ‘The Davinci Code’ and ’24′ are behind this new adventure series.

Three separate sets of partners will participate in both the Alcatraz challenge and the USS Hornet challenge. The winning partners will receive $100,000. ‘The Great Escape’ host Rich Eisen has the following practical advice for the participants: “Most everyone involved in The Great Escape feels they have to go 1,000-miles-a-minute and, by doing so, frequently don’t realize that an easy clue or handy item that could help them escape is staring them right in the face.”


Behind-The-Scenes Video of ‘The Great Escape’:

Meet The Great Escape Alcatraz Competitors:


Lexx, 45, Bartender, Erie, PA Jeff, 35, Mailroom Supervisor, Detroit, MI


Gabe, 26, Apartment Manager, Gardena, CA Brittany, 24, MBA Student, Cleveland, OH


Megan, 27, Retail Manager, Charleston, IL Miles, 29, Day Trader, Charleston, IL

Meet The Great Escape Alcatraz Competitors:


Jeanan, 30, Orthodontic Assistant, Tinley Park, IL Sal, 24, Server, Orland Park, IL


Armando, 24, Busboy, Miami, FL Victor, 24, Restaurant Host, Miami, FL


Tim, 52, Software Developer, Sunnyside, CA McKenna, 22, Bartender, Mission Vejo, CA



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