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Being Human 4×04 Panic Womb Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 02/04/2014

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Being Human Panic Womb Recap


Being Human Panic Womb Recap

What an exciting episode.  Panic Womb starts out with Aidan’s son, Kenny, showing up asking for help against the woman that is killing all the vampires. Not knowing that the killer is in fact Aidan’s wife Susanna.  Aidan is dreaming about turning his girlfriend, Kat.  Meanwhile Josh finds a pregnant werewolf, and Sally goes to Zoey for help with Lil’ Smokie, who’s name is Beatrice, maybe?  Beatrice is shockingly alive, or is she? One thing you have to give Being Human credit for not getting boring.

During the episode Susanna gives Aidan an ultimatum join her or she’ll kill him.  Aidan doesn’t do well with ultimatums.  He goes to Kenny and let’s him know that Susanna is the killer.  But there’s a twist Aidan warns Susanna because as he says he loved her once.   Sally is upset by comments that Zoey makes to her.  Nora and Josh end up helping deliver Caroline’s, the pregnant woman’s, baby.  In a twist the baby is a wolf baby.  Andrew her worried husband is right there, and sees.

The episode ends with Aidan telling Kat all about himself, and she laughs.  Will Aidan convince her that he’s really a vampire.  Will Sally figure out that there was another daughter? And what will happen with the wolf baby? Being Human sure knows how to leave you wanting more, and I for one can’t wait.  Look for more news on the show coming up.

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