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Bellamy Young Will Return To Criminal Minds To Wrap Beth’s Storyline

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/28/2012

Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson, left) has feelings for Beth Clemmons (Bellamy Young)Criminal Minds Exclusive: Scandal‘s Bellamy Young to Return for Beth’s ‘Lovely’ Send-Off


According to TVLine’s Matt Webb Mitovich, Bellamy Young (Beth) will be appearing in at least two season 8 episodes of Criminal Minds in order to wrap-up her storyline as a love interest for Agent Aaron Hotchner now that she’s a series regular on ABC’s Scandal. Here’s an excerpt from the article where Young shares her thoughts on being able to return to Criminal Minds in order to wrap up her storyline:

Being able to wrap sweet Beth Clemmons’ storyline “is such an incredible gift, because it balances out everything I get to do on Scandal, where I’m very arch — and frequently angry” — as scorned First Lady Mellie Grant, Young tells TVLine.


Young says her Criminal Minds run, which began last December, was “amazing” in that she had to win over a fan base that, in part, wanted the character of Hotch to pair up with colleague Emily Prentiss (played by Paget Brewster). Some viewers, though, reacted to the storyline by saying, “‘Oh, Hotch is so much happier now!’” the actress related. “‘Beth has come into his life, and we can see his family life and the other sides of him.’


“It’s been nice for them and me to see that glimmer in his eye,” she says of the widower’s new chance at romance, “and see a smile once in a while.”


Though Young says it will be “terrible” to ultimately bid Minds a final farewell, she’s happy to have any chance at some closure.


“I was afraid that I wouldn’t get to say goodbye, so I was so thrilled that [Scandal showrunner] Shonda [Rhimes], bless her heart, let me do a few more shows over [on the CBS procedural],” the Dirty Sexy Money alumna shares. “I just got the [season premiere] script and the storyline is lovely and warm and positive…. I can’t want to see where it goes!”


Criminal Minds kicks off Season 8 on Wednesday, Sept. 26. Scandal premieres its sophomore run on Thursday, Sept. 27.


My thoughts: Honestly, I personally wasn’t really a fan of the character Beth or her relationship with Hotch, so I’m not really all that sad to see Bellamy Young go. I liked Young on Dirty Sexy Money and I like her a little bit on Scandal,  but I don’t love her character on Scandal. In terms of Bellamy Young being written off Criminal Minds, while I wasn’t really a fan of the character Beth, I’m happy for anyone who’s a fan of the character Beth, and Hotch’s relationship with Beth that Bellamy Young is able to return to Criminal Minds for a few episodes in order to wrap things up. I always hate it when an actor who was a guest-star love interest on a show gets cast on another TV show or in a movie and they aren’t able to wrap up the storyline onscreen, forcing the writers to explain through dialogue that they aren’t together anymore.


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