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Bethenny Ever After S03/E14 Recap

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 05/22/2012

Bethenny Ever After May 21 RecapSadly ‘Bethenny Ever After’ is almost coming to a close for this season. In the May 21, 2012 episode viewers see how much psychological insight Bethenny has been gained over the past few years.

The May 21, 2012 episode of ‘Bethenny Ever After‘ is sadly the second to last episode for this season, and then we are all going to have to wait many months to see what unfolds next in Bethenny’s life.

Last night’s episode of Bethenny Ever After starts with Bryn learning to speak Spanish at her “escuela.” She is truly a bright little toddler. Bethenny reflects on this heartwarming visit to “escuela,” and states that she doesn’t want to miss a thing with Bryn. She would hate to look back on her life and realize that she chose the power business meeting over spending important moments with her daughter.

Jason and Bethenny join Danny and Louis for dinner. Louis was best friends with Bethenny’s biological father. They have some debate and very open discussion about the type of relationship that Bethenny had with her biological dad and her stepfather.

Over dinner Bethenny states, “My whole life I called my stepfather ‘dad,’ and I referred to my real father as Bobby.” In response Louis states, “I heard all sides of both stories. They both love you; how they express it is another story.”

In her professional life, Bethenny visits the set of the Wendy Williams show. She discusses the fact that a couple of networks are asking her to do a daily talk show. She is thinking about giving the talk show a six week trial run to see how it goes. While on set at the Wendy Willliams show Bethenny finds out the amount of work that it takes to have a daily talk show.

Bethenny visits with her therapist and let’s him know there are, “BIG changes, Doc!” She reports that things with Jason are going much more smoothly, and they are not having many arguments anymore. She reports, “I think we are turning a corner.” Bethenny also talks about her father, mother, and stepfather. She feels that a lot of closure still needs to be made in all of those relationships.

The therapist is truly impressed with the progress that Bethenny has been making in the sessions. He reflects, “you walked in here genuinely wanting to change how you did things in your relationships… you’re not just shutting down, being a victim when you feel hurt and upset.” The therapist is impressed with Bethenny’s ability to keep challenging herself, and Bethenny agrees with his reflections.

Bethenny and Jason talk about the possibility of having a second child. Bethenny states, “I have mixed feelings about having a child… I’m 41.. I don’t long for another child.” Bethenny reflects on being so happy with one beautiful, healthy child.


Sneak Peek of the Season Finale of Bethenny Ever After :




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