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Bill & Ted 3 Moves Forward With Galaxy Quest Director Dean Parisot

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/10/2012

Bill & Ted 3 Moves Forward With Red Director Dean Parisot



No Way! Bill & Ted 3′ is moving forward with Keanu Reeves and Alex Winters. The Bogus Journey kids who changed are vernacular for half a decade already have a script and have not brought on Galaxy Quest director, Dean Parisot.


Chris Matheson and Ed Soloman penned the script with aid from Reeves and Winters. The script will pick up with Bill & Ted in their forties, rather than rebooting or recasting, with both Reeves and Winter (who was last seen on screen in a 2007 episode of “Bones,” having mostly focused on directing in recent years) attached to star. MGM, who were behind the original films, still hold the rights, but the package put together at present is intended to bring in other studios to help co-finance the picture.


Stepping back, it’s easy to see that Parisot’s a great choice to handle material like Bill & Ted. That comedy walked the fine line between sci-fi and spoof, and embraced the meta weirdness that makes movies like Bill & Ted so good.  I actually watched Galaxy Quest again a few weeks ago and that film is fucking hilarious.


There is one thing holding all this up at the moment though. Dean Parisot is set and signed on to direct the sequel to Red. That film doesn’t start filming until later this year, so Bill & Ted 3 production probably won’t start until 2013, which means we are looking at a 2014 release. It’s still fun to talk about though and this is a mojor step forward for the project.


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