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Blake Lively Address Gossip Girl Movie Rumors

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 02/07/2013

Blake Lively Address Gossip Girl Movie RumorsBlake Lively Address Gossip Girl Movie Rumors



Here’s some new Gossip Girl Scoop from the E! Online, ‘Watch With Kristin Spoiler Chat,’ Thursday, February 7th Post!



Joanna: Have you heard anything else about a Gossip Girl movie?

Stephanie Savage told us after the finale that there has been talk about it. “We’ve never had any legitimate conversations about doing a movie until we were saying goodbye,” she said. “Then we said, ‘We’ll do a movie, Broadway show or reunion show, right?’” Getting the cast back together…that is the tricky part. For example, Blake Lively seems to be happy to step away from the show. “It’s really exciting for it to be over,” she reveals. “It’s like being in a school you really love. You love it, but your senior year when you’re finally released to do something else you’re really excited to move on to the next chapter.” Yeah, but our senior year didn’t involve moving on to marriage with Ryan Reynolds! To her credit, she didn’t veto the idea of the movie per se; she definitely misses the people on Gossip Girl. “It’s bittersweet. I miss everyone I worked with, the cast and the crew,” she says.


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