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Boardwalk Empire 3X01 “Resolution” Recap

Written by   // 09/17/2012

Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Premiere RecapBoardwalk Empire 3X01 “Resolution” Recap

Season 3, Episode 1 – Original Air Date – September 16, 2012


Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Premiere Recap – Changes are everywhere. It is New Year’s Eve in Atlantic City. Nucky Thompson (Steve Buscemi) and his wife, Margaret Schroeder Thompson (Kelly McDonald) are waiting to welcome 1923 with a lavish Egyptian themed party for their business associates and acquaintances.

 In the beginning of the episode, a new mobster from New York via Sicily (Bobby Carnivale) illustrates his explosive temper by beating an old man to death who stopped to help him fix his car. This gentleman made the mistake of telling Carnivale’s character Gyp Rosetti that oil is used to lubricate rusted bolts. Apparently, education is not a pursuit this character is interested in! Later in the episode, Nucky meets with his gangster business associates. He informs them he will only be selling to Arnold Rothstein (Michael Stuhlbarg). This does not go over well with Gyp who shows signs he will not accept this lightly.

Meanwhile, Al Capone is unhappy in Chicago. A gangster competitor from North Chicago insults Al’s deaf son, which leads to a near scuffle in the beginning of the episode.  When he goes to pay this individual a visit later in his florist shop,  Nelson Van Alden (Michael Shannon) saves the gangster by accident. He was there to sell him irons in an attempt to win a five hundred dollar prize. Al mistakes him for an enforcer and leaves.  Van Alden loses the contest but wins what is implied to be a future career as a Chicago gangster in an opposing gang to Capone’s!Boardwalk Empire Season 3

From there, it is determined that Gillian Darmody (Gretchen Mol) has turned the Commodore’s (Dabney Coleman) home into a house of prostitution. In it, she is raising the late Jimmy Darmody’s (Michael Pitt) son as her own.  Richard Harrow (Jack Huston) is living with her and helping to raise the child (Brady Noon). Richard wants Jimmy’s son to remember his parents, especially his mother who was kind to the disfigured Harrow. However, Gillian wants him to forget the past, focus on the future and think of her as his mother instead of his grandmother. She warns Harrow to stop his interfering or face eviction. Harrow has another score to settle and murders Angela Darmody’s (Aleska Palladino) killer.

Meanwhile, Margaret and Nucky have become known as great philanthropists since Margaret deeded the land Nucky intended to keep to her church. She is also evolving as a woman and is excited about a female aviator crossing the continental states. She becomes concerned when she learns that women are not being educated about prenatal care and are miscarrying due to this. Margaret witnesses a woman faint and passes blood in front of her. An angry physician informs Margaret of the lack of information offered the patients. She suggests to the head hospital administrator that this be included. As a result, the administrator becomes outraged and Nucky is embarrassed. Nucky angrily tells Margaret after the guests have left that he has been forced into philanthropy due to her betrayal of him and that he will not tolerate further embarrassment and compromise. He then leaves to meet a mistress. Margaret arises early and goes to the beach to watch the female aviator fly overhead. Thus the episode ends.

For this writer, while this was a powerful episode, Jimmy Darmody’s (Michael Pitt) was sorely missed. He added a haunted humanity to this show that needs to balance the violence with an understanding of the people and times behind their behaviors. What do you think readers?

Gary Zarchy has been an avid film and theatre fan since childhood. He grew up close to New York City and was exposed to movies and theatre from an early age. His interest in the arts eventually led him to a career in fine arts where he owned an art gallery in SoHo in New York City and an art publishing company in Phoenix, Arizona, his adopted home. Zarchy reinvented himself by channeling his enthusiasm for people into psychotherapy after achieving a masters degree in counseling. Along with this, he thoroughly enjoys his role as a University instructor. Films and theatre continue as his passion to this day.

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