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Boardwalk Empire 3X02 “Spaghetti and Coffee” Recap

Written by   // 09/24/2012

Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Episode 2 Spaghetti and CoffeeBoardwalk Empire 3X02 “Spaghetti and Coffee” Recap

Boardwalk Empire – Season Three – Episode Two – Original Air Date – September 23, 2012

Violence. The new season suggests it even when not actually happening. After last week’s brutal slaying, this writer expected Bobby Carnivale’s character Rosetti to murder the gas pump attendant just because he appeared confused when Rosetti asked him what a map scale meant.

Familiar characters reappeared this episode: Eli Thompson (Shea Whigham), Nucky’s brother finished his prison term and is released. He is unhappy when Nucky sends Mickey Doyle (Paul Sparks) to pick him up. The two have had a long-standing distaste for each other and Eli becomes extremely irritated when he learns Mickey is now his boss. As Eli soon learns, he has little choice in the matter as this is what Nucky is offering to him. When he returns home to his wife and children, he learns his oldest son has been supporting the family in his absence. His son appears to have lost respect for Eli, which prompts him to accept Mickey’s offer, and he returns to work assisting him in moving illicit liquor for Nucky.

Chalky White (Michael Kenneth Williams) also returns in this episode. His daughter’s suitor, a doctor, asks Chalky for his permission to marry Chalky’s eldest daughter. He gives it once the doctor examines him and he realizes what an asset it would be for the family. However, his daughter is not interested as she finds the doctor bland. After the doctor is attacked in what is presumed to be a jazz club owned by Chalky and then tends to the man who attacks him, Chalky emphatically makes it clear to his daughter that she WILL marry him.

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Meanwhile, Margaret (Kelly McDonald) is attempting to right the wrong concerning women not being informed of proper prenatal care. She faces resistance from both the patient who miscarried and the doctor who brought it to her attention. In a rising recognition of Margaret’s growing independence and self-assurance, she strongly reprimands the disapproving doctor and informs him that he will present her with an exact explanation of the changes he wants.

Nucky (Steve Buscemi) is pursuing ardor in New York. The singer he has been pursuing appears to be seeing other men. This does not make Nucky happy. Nor is he pleased when he is asked to leave forty thousand dollars of hush money for the politicians who help cover up his actions in a fish bowl. However, he is convinced by the go-between that this is in his best interest.

Finally, Gyp Rosetti is poised to get his revenge on Nucky. He discovers that the police in a town half way between New York and Atlantic City are being paid off to allow Nucky to fuel at the half waypoint to Brooklyn on their way to deliver liquor to Arnold Rothstein (Michael Stuhlbarg). He surprises Nucky’s convoy and does not allow them to fuel. Nucky is unreachable. As a result, it is decided to delay the delivery although Arnold Rothstein made it clear earlier in the episode that this would be unacceptable.

This episode did a lot with character development. Eli appeared thinner, wiser, more realistic and less quick to anger. Chalky White seemed more focused on family. As discussed above, Margaret is growing as a strong and assured woman.

What do you think readers? Will Nucky overcome his anger at Margaret? Will Margaret continue to grow as an emancipated woman? Will Eli return to a position of importance? How will Nucky respond to Rosetti? Post your responses!

Boardwalk Empire Season 3: Episode 2 Clip


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