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Boardwalk Empire 3X03 “Bone for Tuna” Recap

Written by   // 10/01/2012

Boardwalk Empire 3X03 "Bone for Tuna" RecapBoardwalk Empire 3X03 “Bone for Tuna” Recap

Original Air Date – September 30, 2012

Gip Rosetti (Bobby Carnivale) has intense anger management issues. Possibly a major personality disorder as well. Let’s change that to definitely! In this episode, Nucky (Steve Buscemi) visits Rosetti and attempts to make peace. He offers to supply him with the alcohol he needs for a month. Since their differences have been mended, Rosetti offers “buon fortuna” or good luck in Italian. They both toast and Nucky treats him to a special night in Atlantic City. All seems forgiven and resolved. Not so fast. When Rosetti picks up his shipment, Nucky’s henchman wishes him “buon fortunua” that Nucky wrote phonetically. Rosetti takes this badly. He views this as Nucky thinking he needs good luck. He escalates from here. It ends when he sets the local policeman on fire at the gas station Nucky utilizes to send his liquor to Brooklyn.

Meanwhile, Nucky is fretting because his singer/girlfriend in New York is not answering her phone and it continually rings busy. Margaret insists he attend a special award ceremony from the Bishop. He resists, then agrees. While in church, Nucky hallucinates seeing Jimmy Darmody as a child with a bullet in his head.

Margaret (Kelly McDonald) continues her growth as master manipulator. She invites the lead physician from the hospital she is associated with to meet the Bishop. When she introduces him, she announces that the physician suggested the hospital offer women prenatal care and hygiene information. The Bishop stated he finds this somewhat “modern” but blesses the idea. The physician and his wife look on dumb founded but have no choice but to agree. Earlier in the episode, a representative of the Bishop informed Margaret that the Bishop would not have time to meet Nucky. She confronted him and suggested she call the Bishop’s secretary directly to make this arrangement if he couldn’t make it happen. As noted, it happened.Bone For Tuna Boardwalk Empire Episode

Richard Harrow (Jack Huston) becomes very angry when he finds that Mickey Doyle (Paul Sparks) has been taking credit for killing the man who murdered Angela Darmody. Harrow brings him at gunpoint to Nucky and reveals he committed the act. Nucky asks if he should be worried about his wife and family. Harrow replies he has nothing to worry about as they treated Harrow well. Harrow informs Nucky that Darmody was a soldier who took a risk and lost.

The episode ends with Nucky waking up in his girlfriend’s apartment smelling bacon as she prepares it for him. He stated he thought he was alone and that is what he feared. Nucky appears to have met someone who does not like to be controlled. Nucky is very used to control, which makes one wonder what the outcome will be.

Will Rosetti and Thompson battle it out for turf rights? Where will Margaret’s growth and strength take her? Has Nucky met his match in his current girlfriend?

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Boardwalk Empire 3X04 Episode Synopsis: With Johnny Torrio out of town, Al Capone takes matters into his own hands in the escalating feud with rival Chicago mobster Dean O’Banion. Meanwhile, in Atlantic City, Nucky and Owen find themselves in an unexpected holding pattern in a makeshift warehouse for illegal booze, but Eli doesn’t trust Mickey’s judgment on a liquor delivery for Arnold Rothstein in the boss’ absence; and in New York, a nervous Luciano is called to a meeting with Joe Masseria. Original Air Date: October 7, 2012





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