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Body Of Proof Boss Explains Cast Shake-Up

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/09/2012

Body of ProofExclusive: Body Of Proof Boss Explains Cast Shake-Up, Reveals New Players to Be Added-TVLine

Here’s an interview that the creator and showrunner Matt Gross along with executive producers Christopher Murphey and Evan Katz did with TVLine’s Matt Webb Mitovich about the recent cast shake-up and how the show will change in season 3, particularly by adding several new characters to the cast, which they give some scoop on. Here’s an excerpt from the interview where they explain why they fired Nicholas Bishop (Peter), John Carrol Lynch (Bud) and Sonja Sohn (Sam):

TVLINE | For starters, I understand that what’s going on here is not about shaving dollars.

MATTHEW GROSS | No, not at all. We were fortunate enough to get a Season 3 of our show, and in trying to bring more eyeballs to our show, we wanted to change some of the dynamic and create new characters. And that’s the purpose for all of this. Also, we just brought on Evan Katz as one of the heads of the “three-headed hydra” — that’s what we refer to ourselves as.
EVAN KATZ | A very nice hydra by the way. It’s sort of a creative reboot of the show with the goal of being more dynamic, higher stakes, everything that we can do to amp up the stakes of each episode –
GROSS | – and create promotable opportunities for our storytelling.


Link to the full article:Exclusive: Body Of Proof Boss Explains Cast Shake-Up, Reveals New Players to Be Added – TVLine


My thoughts: The only firing that I’m truly upset about is the fact that they fired Nicholas Bishop, because I always loved the dynamic between Megan and Peter. A big part of me was definitely hoping that they would become romantically involved at some point. As for John Carrol Lynch and Sonja Sohn being fired from the show, I liked their characters, but not to the point where Lynch and Sohn being fired would upset me. I can definitely live without them being on the show. I’m really glad that they didn’t fire Jeri Ryan, because I’ve been a huge fan of hers’ ever since she was on Star Trek: Voyager, and she’s another one of my favorite things about Body of Proof.


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