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Bones 8×02 ‘The Partners in the Divorce’ HD Promo

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/18/2012

Bones 8x02 HD PromoBones 8×02 ‘The Partners in the Divorce’ HD Promo



So, the season 8 premiere of Bones was all about the reunion. After three months Brennan and Booth come back together! We were all worried about Brennan, running around the West Virginia hills with a blond wig, but now Booth has arrived and everyone can rest a little easier.


Still there is that murder. The team finds out the the remains they found belong to guidance counselor Carol Morrissey, who no one has seen for ten years and she went to high school with none other than Pelant! What!? OMG moment.


Now, Brennan wants to get a look at the remains, but she has to also avoid Pelant. So they pull a little switch and Max steals Booth’s car and heads the other way while Booth and Brennan head back to DC. That’s the gist of it anyway, you can read the full recap or watch the episodes, Hello!



Anyway we now have the new Bones HD Promo from FOX. Episode 8×02 of Bones is titled ‘The partners in the Divorce.’ It airs Next Monday, September 24, 2012 at 8pm on FOX.



Bones 8×02 ‘The Partners in the Divorce’ HD Promo


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