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Bones, The Fact in the Fiction Scoop!

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 01/25/2013

Bones, The Fact in the Fiction Scoop!Bones: Scoop on episode 8×15 “The Shot in the Dark” and episode 8×17 “The Fact in the Fiction” from TVLine’s Matt Webb Mitovich


Here’s some scoop on Bones from TVLine’s Matt Webb Mitovich’s weekly column Matt’s Inside Line for the week of 1/24/13.


The Bones episode that you and Michael were talking about on Spoiler Alert!, the one dealing with Sweets’ childhood, does it have a title yet? Also related to Sweets: Is Danielle Panabaker returning anytime soon? –Ed

I’ve got a two-for-one special for you, Ed: The aforementioned semi-Sweets episode, “The Fact in the Fiction,” is tentatively scheduled to air Feb. 25. But you’ll want to also tune in Feb. 11, when Panabaker reprises her role as FBI Special Agent Olivia Sparling. (That episode, “The Shot in the Dark,” is the one in which a gunned-down Brennan “reunites” with her mother.)



Bones returns with 8×13, ‘Twist in The Plot,’ on Monday, January 28, 2013 at 8pm on Fox.


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